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PE1 Nedmar.png
Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity
Race Human
Gender Male
Location Raedric's Hold
Quests Lord of a Barren Land
[N]either Kolsc nor Raedric can resolve this crisis. They are but mortal men. We must turn to Berath. It is the Twinned God who will bring peace and balance to the souls of Gilded Vale, and it is to Berath that we must pray if we are to see Waidwen's Legacy ended.

Nedmar is a character in Pillars of Eternity.


This frail old priest is hunched over a table, surrounded by scattered scrolls and parchment, examining their contents with the aid of a thick monocle. He glances up as you approach, blinking rheumy eyes. Nedmar is the head priest of the temple of Berath, who stumbles under the weight of responsibility and events transpiring in Gilded Vale. As one of Lord Raedric's advisors, he was forced to watch his lord's descent into madness and savage cruelty, powerless to stop it; all he could do was pray to Berath and hope that rededicating the temple to the Twinned God would end the crisis.

He is skeptical of Osrya, as he considers animancy to be a foul profession and its practitioners little more than monsters. The fact that her promises of help and finding a cure only seem to exacerbate his lord's state don't help. Although sympathetic to Kolsc, whom he considers a friend, he does not believe that bloodshed is the solution... Although the recent imprisonment of Giacco, a child he helped out of the gutter and hoped to see take up the position of acolyte in his temple, is starting to shift his mindset...


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Lord of a Barren Land


  • Lord of a Barren Land: Nedmar is a target for Osrya if you plan to side with Raedric. Otherwise, he provides an easy access to the lord if you save Giacco and a free space to rest.