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Biography and appearance
Game Beast of Winter
Race Lich dragon
Gender Female
Location Temple of Decline

Neriscyrlas is a character in Beast of Winter.


A dragon capable of wielding wizardry, Neriscyrlas' pursuit of immortality drove her into the jaws of death. She persisted within the White Void for centuries, the edges of her soul slowly tattered by Rymrgand's incessant pull. Despite her condition, she supped from the very entropic energies tearing at her and developed the ability to propel herself from the Beyond, manifesting in the Here in search of further essence to anchor her to the living world - and fuel her undying ambition.

Four hundred years ago, she was one of the fiercest predators in the Deadfire, set on bending it to its will. Unrivaled by any kith or dragon, Neriscyrlas turned her gaze on the gods and decided to challenge them, so that she may remain safe from their ambitions, unlike the ancient three dragons slaved to their will through the Guardian of Ukaizo. However, in order to achieve the power necessary to challenge them, she needed to further increase her immense power. The artifacts sacrificed to Rymrgand at his temple, thrown into the White Void by the Glamfellen, were the perfect choice in her mind.

In her rush to seize the power, she attacked the temple and its worshipers, unleashing the eldritch energies and magic she controlled to blast through the legions of rime constructs and blast apart the defenders. However, she underestimated the religious zeal of the defenders: When she neared the Vydmath, Rynhaedr, first among the guards, opened the portal to the White Void using herself as a conduit. The dragon was consumed by the portal, while the resulting wave of frost froze every living creature in the temple on the spot. Neriscyrlas did not give up, however, even as the energies of the Void lapped at her, tearing apart her body.

She chained her soul to an ancient Engwithan phylactery, making it impossible for Rymrgand to destroy her, even inside his realm. As the dragon's mortal shell decayed, her power only increased, to the point that she could literally will herself into existence, assuming corporeal form in Eora for brief periods of time, but always inevitably sucked back. She requires essence - a lot of essence - to escape it permanently, motivated by the knowledge of the gods' real nature. After all, her mother was older than the manufactured gods of Engwith when she hatched her - older still than the gods are in 2828 AI.

Neriscyrlas' circumstances are unique, and Eora may never see her like again.


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