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Never Far from the Queen is a main quest in Pillars of Eternity.


Maerwald has told the Watcher that he might find the Leaden Key in the "city of defiance," "never far from the queen." The steward in the Great Hall of Caed Nua appears to have been the only other sentient being in the fortress...


  • You will automatically get this quest after completing The Old Watcher. The easiest path to Defiance Bay leads by talking to the Steward and rebuilding the Eastern Barbican to open up a path.
  • Then you need to head to the Bay. The intended path is to visit the ruined temple of Woedica in First Fires and speak to the ghost there (Lord Adwellen Rügfald III), who will direct you to the catacomb entrance in Copperlane. It's worth talking to him just to see your companions' reactions.
  • Otherwise, enter the Copperlane Catacombs in southwest Copperlane. Proceed to the southwest corner of the map, to find the entrance of the Temple of Woedica. If Aloth accompanies you, he will make a comment that these people are not trustworthy, accompanied by another companion telling him to calm down.
    • After descending the stairs leading to the Temple of Woedica, you can head north east and enter stealth to discover a hidden switch, opening a room hidden by a fake wall containing two traps and minor loot.
  • Now you have two options:
Option 1: Infiltrate the Leaden Key base non-violently
  • Optionally pick up the Woedica Hood from the corpse in the catacombs, in a cave-like area infested with sporelings and trolls. Note that since Godlike are unable to wear headgear, you will have to choose other options when talking to Leaden Key members in their base; for the meeting with the Acolyte there is a special option (see below).
  • Get the guards to let you in by either bribing them with Copper pands (cp)350, passing a check of at least 13 Intellect or Resolve, or – as long as you're not Godlike – equipping the Woedica Hood before talking to them.
  • Talk to the initiate in the northernmost room of the base. Listen to his rehearsal. If you didn't pick up the Woedica Hood earlier, you can demand one from him by passing a check of at least 14 Might or 14 Resolve.
  • Put on the Hood and enter the initiation chamber alone. Godlikes will get a special dialog option at the door to put the hood on their heads.
  • Respond to the Acolyte according to the lines you've rehearsed with the initiate:
    • State your name and purpose. → My name belongs to the gods and my hand to their service.
    • What company do you seek? → I seek the company of shadows, that our labors may remain secret.
    • Tell me of your labors. → To see that the craft of kith and wilder does not disturb what bones the gods have buried.
    • How do we know your purpose? → You shall know it by the confession of my tongue, the deeds of my hand, and the oath on my soul.
    • And how is your oath guarded? → It is sealed by the Leaden Key.
  • Watch the visions she shares with you.
Option 2: Fight through the Leaden Key base
  • Kill the guards and enter the base. Fight your way to the initiation chamber through the passage to the west and kill the Acolyte and her accomplices.
  • Read the memories of the Acolyte's spirit.
Either way...

Role-playing tips[]

  • Once you have completed one or more of the received quests, you might be tempted to report back to the Acolyte – however, there is no new conversation option that lets you do so.
  • After having concluded the conversation with the Acolyte, you can bring your companions into the chamber without repercussions. This makes leaving the temple much quicker, since you can simply use the stairs in the back.


ID Objectives
0 Never Far from the Queen
10000 Maerwald has told me that I might find the Leaden Key in the "city of defiance," "never far from the queen." It is there I must go if I am to track down the man who triggered my Awakening.
4 Go to the temple of Woedica.
10004 I learned from Maerwald that members of the Leaden Key tend to worship Woedica, and the steward has mentioned that there is a temple dedicated to Woedica in Defiance Bay.
20007 I've asked around and learned that the temple can be found in a district called First Fires.
5 Find a way into the temple of Woedica.
10005 The temple of Woedica is in ruins - above ground, at least. A half-buried staircase indicates there is more to the temple below ground. Although the staircase is inaccessible to me, it's possible that there's another way in.
20004 An old spirit haunting the temple told me about an alternate entrance through the catacombs. He said it should be near the southern gate of the Copperlane district.
20002 A hooded man, presumably a member of the Leaden Key, was ambushed on his way through the catacombs. The disguise that would get him past the Leaden Key sentries was lost when the man was carried off by trolls.
20003 I recovered a Leaden Key disguise. It should allow me pass any sentries the Leaden Key have in place.
6 Investigate the Leaden Key's activities.
10006 I've made my way into the chambers beneath the ruins of the temple of Woedica. If what Maerwald said is true, this is my best chance to find the Leaden Key.
20001 I posed as a member of the Leaden Key. As long as I don't expose myself by attacking anyone, I'll be able to move around freely.
20005 I spoke to a nervous young initiate who gave me the passphrases I'll need to speak with the Acolyte.
20006 I found a book with the passphrases I'll need to speak with the Acolyte.
7 Restore the Eastern Barbican.
10007 The Eastern Barbican bars the way to the road to Defiance Bay. It must be repaired before I can travel onwards.
8 Speak with the steward in Caed Nua.
10008 Maerwald is dead, and what answers he provided me were short and cryptic. The steward in the Great Hall of Caed Nua appears to have been the only other sentient being in the fortress. She may be able to provide some guidance.
End states
Yes Found leads
30000 While I was unable to learn the true purpose of the Leaden Key's activities or the identity of the member I pursue, I did uncover several leads about their activities in the region.