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Oathbinder's Sanctum is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

After hours spent wandering through the desert, you stumble into a lush oasis nestled against the base of a massive pyramid. You search for an entrance and finally spy one at the very top of a long staircase.

The Oathbinder's Sanctum is a large temple dedicated to Woedica.

Points of interest[]

First floor
  • The entrance area has little in the way of interesting items, save the offering spot.
Second floor
  • Another small area. The chamber near the entrance contains a soul of an innocent murdered by Woedica's cultists. Interacting with it and collecting the souls will trigger an ambush by shades. The stairwell below is behind a door activated by a pull-chain to the northwest.
Third floor
  • This is a larger area. Immediately by the entrance is a body with a bloody note. Open the door with the pull-chain and wipe the beetles and grubs in the room beyond. There's Peter in the corridor to the northwest, behind the bend. The exit to the fourth level is behind another door with a chain.
Fourth floor
  • The corridor circumnavigates the area. You can follow the corridor to a room with a black pool (and black oozes if you step in it). Follow the corridor to find a nest of xaurips and an "ordinary sword" on the body.
  • The door leads deeper into the pyramid, through a corridor stacked with traps. Disarm and move on. At the end of the corridor is a hidden chamber activated through a hidden brick. The chamber to the south contains rotghasts and more minor loot. The one to the north contains Oswald and the Steel Garrote.




  • Lost Dues in Good Faith: If you go here and complete the interaction with Oswald and Iquisitor Lödwyn before picking up the quest, your interaction with Kahn will be limited to paying, or refuse to pay, Oswald's debt.