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Ocean folk (or Calbandra) are a sub-race of humans in Pillars of Eternity and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Origin and prevalence[]

Calbandra (cahl-BAHN-drah, "warm ring" in Vailian[1]), originally lived near the equator for many millennia, but to most they are known as "Ocean folk" of the Grand Empire of Vailia (Old Vailia).

Most cultures recognize that Calbandra are currently the most widespread human ethnicity in this part of the world. They are the dominant culture of the Vailian Republics, though they are also common in the Dyrwood.[2]

Appearance and culture[]

Ocean folk are comparable in appearance to "black" humans of African decent. They have dark skin complexion, and loose or tightly kinked hair.

They are known as great seafaring folk, and their Vailian culture is inspired by real-world Renaissance-era Italy. Most Vailian's are mercantile, and earn their keep through general barter and trade. The Vailian Trading Company spearheads economic growth in the republics, with an emphasis on outward facing exports to other regions in order to bolster the wealth and power of the Grand Ducs, and to reinforce their identity as a prosperous nation. This innate attraction to wealth often sees many ocean folk leading, or acting out, luxurious and frivolous lifestyles to portray their economic standing.

From the Pillars of Eternity Guidebook: Volume One:

  • Features: Broad, flat noses. Full lips. Round, almond, or prominent eyes. Mid-to-shallow-set eyes and strong brows.
  • Skin: Light brown to extremely dark brown.
  • Hair: Rust brown, brown, black hair. Texture may be straight, wavy, curly, or kinky
  • Eyes: Brown, green, gray, hazel, yellow-green, red-brown

In-game description[]

Ocean folk (Calbandra) originated near the Equator on the other side of the globe and are currently the most widespread human group in that region, but they have also migrated to the far reaches of the world. Ocean folk are the dominant culture in the Vailian Republics, and are also common in the Dyrwood.
~ Pillars of Eternity in-game cyclopedia

Ocean folk (Calbandra) originated near the equator at the western edge of the Old Empires and have gradually spread south and east. Ocean folk are the dominant culture in Old Vailia, the Vailian Republics, and can be found in most other parts of the world due to the reach of the Vailian Trading Company.
~ Deadfire in-game cyclopedia


Ocean folk are one of the playable races. Unlike other subraces, they do not have a racial ability unique only to them, and instead share the same bonus as the other folk sub-races.

Notable characters[]

In Pillars of Eternity[]

The White March - Part II

In Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[]

Seeker, Slayer, Survivor



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