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Oldsong is a district of Twin Elms in Pillars of Eternity.


The temple district of Twin Elms, with a ferry connecting it to Burial Isle. The district contains Noonfrost, which is dedicated to Rymrgand. A group of pale elves from the frozen southlands arrived not long ago to oversee it. There is also The Nest, a temple of Hylea, and Galawain's Maw, a den of beasts dedicated to the hunter god.

Points of interest[]

  • This is the most stunning part of Twin Elms by far, featuring three distinct temples to Galawain, Hylea, and Rymrgand. The temple to Hylea is ruined, more of a shrine, really, with Casfath and Onŵen standing among the rocks.
  • The center of the area is dominated by Galawain's Maw, with the entrance in shape of a large wolf head. Delem stands at the bottom of the stairs in front of the Maw, while Urwa is nearby in the enclosed area.
  • Noonfrost is to the northwest, surrounded by a thick ice sheet and slowly freezing the lake over. Approaching the plaza in front of it will result in a cutscene showing people being tortured on racks.
  • Exit to Burial Isle is to the west, talk to Dorvhal to access the Isle.