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Oldsong is a district of Twin Elms in Pillars of Eternity.


The temple district of Twin Elms, with a ferry connecting it to Burial Isle. The district contains Noonfrost, which is dedicated to Rymrgand. A group of pale elves from the frozen southlands arrived not long ago to oversee it. There is also The Nest, a temple of Hylea, and Galawain's Maw, a den of beasts dedicated to the hunter god.

Points of interest[]

  • This is the most stunning part of Twin Elms by far, featuring three distinct temples to Galawain, Hylea, and Rymrgand. The temple to Hylea is ruined, more of a shrine, really, with Casfath and Onŵen standing among the rocks. The "true" temple is accessed via Oldsong's Pass to the north, through Northweald.
  • The center of the area is dominated by Galawain's Maw, with the entrance in shape of a large wolf head carved of stone. Delem stands at the bottom of the stairs in front of the Maw, while Urŵa is nearby in the enclosed area.
  • Noonfrost is to the northwest, surrounded by a thick ice sheet and slowly freezing the lake over. Approaching the plaza in front of it will result in a cutscene showing people being tortured on racks.
  • The exit to Burial Isle is to the west, talk to Dorvhal to access the Isle.



Note: For a complete list of fixed and random loot found in Oldsong, see here.

Behind the scenes[]

Oldsong, the temple district. This with an opportunity to showcase almost-intact Engwithan buildings filled with magic and mystery, and it became one of my favourite designs in Twin Elms. The idea here was to show how glanfathans coexist with their sacred ruins, while still managing to remain sort of like there mere caretakers. Nobody truly lives here, but the place is constantly tended to.

The area boasts two main temples, Galawain's Maw and Noonfrost. Given the area budget for the city, Bobby and I thought that it was best to maximise dungeon-like spaces in Twin Elms proper, so I designed the district and its temples with that idea in mind. The quests and events link to the temples, and you deal with them as full-blown dungeon crawl spaces if that's your choice.

The beasts' head was appropriated from one of our lead character artists' creations, Dimitri Berman is our lead character artist, and he repurposed it to turn it into a temples facade, which was really awesome.

In the docs of this district we had at one point a gameplay setup that required you to blow a horn to call a bargeman that would take you to Burial Isle. Alongside the Weald of Fates, we simplified that part of the main story in the city.

~ Jorge Salgado, Designer