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On Celestial Spectres: Visitors from Farther than Beyond is a book in The Forgotten Sanctum.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

This logbook contains interview notes and statements surrounding unusual celestial activity. One page has been dogeared, and a passage enthusiastically underlined:

"Subject followed the descent of a falling star. In their testimony, they asserted that angry spirits (?) patrolled the impact crater. Subject narrowly escaped and later complained of dizziness, loss of memory, and headaches. Our resident animancer confirmed our suspicion that subject had lost a significant sum of essence in a ragged pattern, almost as if it had been chewed away. Recommend permanent internment in one of the kith habitats."

A few words scribbled in the margins read: "Territorial. Hungry. Sacrifice by self or proxy?"

The lower half of the page shows an artist's rendering of a fallen star.


  • Restricted Section: First room north of the southern stairs to the Central Stacks. Bookcase "between" the ladder and the chunk of rock.