On the Binding of Souls

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On the Binding of Souls [WM1]
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On the Binding of Souls is a journal in The White March - Part I.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

The margins of this text are scribbled with notes and references. The ink-stained pages appear to have seen much use in earlier times.

"The removal and transference of souls is a practice both ancient and sophisticated. There is evidence that the Engwithans were particularly adept at this, yet few details have survived them."

Someone scrawled "Annals of the Pargrunen, pp. 382-6" below this paragraph.

"What is known is that the removal of a soul is a difficult process, and one that requires an expert hand and precise tools for any chance of success. Early attempts on a test pool of one hundred thirty-eight goats left most of the subjects with maimed or fractured souls. In all but two of the eleven instances where the soul was successfully removed, the essence dissipated before scholars could capture it."

The words "transfer to holding vessel" are written and underlined in the margin.

"The process requires conductive materials - copper and adra, specifically. Immersion in water is important to ensure that the soul is drawn in a steady and uniform manner, with no distortions or breakages. A warped soul is, at best, useless, and at worst, unpredictable."

An arrow points from this paragraph to a scrunched note: "Extraction pool in C.R.: 18 ft. wide by 3 ft. deep."

"We have since mastered the process of soul transference and have seen the benefits of infusing forged work with the essence of animals and wilder. What remains to be seen is whether we might see greater gains from using the souls of kith, where we would procure the appropriate subjects, and how much personality and autonomy we would want to leave intact in such cases."

A string of notes winds around and below this paragraph, beginning with "criminals, prisoners of war, volunteers?" and ending with "Forge Guardians" in block letters.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]