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Ordhjóma is the language of the Glamfellen in The White that Wends. There are a few elements of grammar and vocabulary that have common roots with Eld Aedyran and are not found in other surrounding languages (e.g. the languages spoken by boreal dwarves), but the similarities end there. The reason is that the language of the Glamfellen has diverged greatly from the original tongue of their ancestors who originally settled the White that Wends. Though it may share common roots with Aedyran, Ordhjóma is incomprehensible to those who haven't studied it.[1]


  • Ástin mín – term of affection, meaning "my darling" or "my love."
  • Dhakklát – expression of gratitude.
  • Dhakklátur – expression of gratitude.
  • Ekkevít – a herbal aperitif.
  • Fejin haemkamür – greeting that literally translates into "I'm glad you made it home."
  • Gandhur – term for an elite class of temple guards renowned for laying down their lives in the service of protecting holy sites.
  • Gótvadhja – greeting meaning "Good to meet you."
  • Gótvadhjur – greeting meaning "Good to meet you."
  • Hájo – an informal greeting.
  • Ja – an affirmative.
  • Nae – word for "no."
  • Rymsjódda – "frost shield", an alcoholic beverage.
  • Skyt – a scatological swear.
  • Skír hrél – fermented whale blubber, a Glamfellen delicacy.
  • Vytmádh – term translating to "White Maw."


  • Telé dha Ordhjóma? – "Do you speak Ordhjóma?"
  • Jerüm dáth jott ur dhessü – "Let's make the best of it"
  • Vith jerüm dháth eldtaf – "We always do."