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Ori o Koīki is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


This is the hidden village of the xenophobic Wahaki tribe, built around an ancient Engwithan ruin. According to Atsura of the Royal Deadfire Company, Ori o Koīki translates to Cursed Land of Corpses. This name is in part due to the abundance of Koīki (corpsefruit) trees on the island.

Points of interest[]

  • Upon entering the area, Aloth will remark on the presence of a symbol similar to the Leaden Key on the pillar by the entrance.
  • You are free to loot the surrounding huts, but in order to get into the village, you need to talk to Kipeha. If you brought Tekehu along, Kipeha will exchange some words with him. She will tell you that they are in uncertain times, and that you are to scram back to the ship. You can however convince her to let you in:
    • Buy your way in with Copper pands (cp)1,500 or Copper pands (cp)1,000 and either the Deadfire Archipelago background or Streetwise 5 (Huana: Minor Positive).
    • Diplomacy 8 or Insight 9 to tell her that you desire a "deeper understanding of their tribe" (Pro-Huana) - the checks following don't matter.
    • Bluff 9 to convince her you're here to pay tribute to the Wahaki leader.
    • If you started Fruitful Alliance, you can tell her that Queen Onekaza II wishes an alliance with the Wahaki - using the treaty phrase "Over crumbling mountains, across blighted seas". If you fail to recall the phrase, she'll fire an arrow at your head (you can dodge it with Athletics 7) and put the tribe on alert.
    • If you've started the quest Tip of the Spear, you can warn them that the Crookspur slavers seek vengeance against the Wahiki tribe - the checks following don't matter.
  • If you're not looking to be peaceful, you can also do one of the following. Note that without the permission to enter, the tribe will be on alert, and you will be attacked on sight:
    • With Athletics 4 and a Rope and Grappling Hook, you can interact with the lift, hooking onto it to climb your way up. The Wahiki will see you doing this, and will fire arrows. With Athletics 4 you can hasten the climb, or with Sleight of Hand 4 you can swing on the rope to avoid the incoming shots.
    • Alternatively, you can sneak around the and climb the cliff to the left (making sure to grab the Infested Koīki from a hole in a tree beforehand). With Survival 3, you can tell that the crevasse would've been suitable - if not for the nest of wasps, and that further up is a ledge, which stands out as an intimidating obstacle. If you climb without this check, you will fail to spot the wasp nest, and all party members will be Fatigued (-5 Accuracy, -10 All Defenses, -15% Max Health). Otherwise upon climbing, you can also send someone to scout a safe course along the ledge with Athletics 5 and Survival 4. Failing one of the checks will allow you to ascend, but will give the character Fatigue. Failing both checks will not allow you to ascend the cliff, in addition to the Fatigue. This puts you at a side entrance to the Ori o Koīki Sanctum.
  • The village is not particularly large and lacks merchants or other interactive characters. You will step into the middle of an altercation before the entrance to the Engwithan ruin between Auāta, who wants nothing to do with outsiders, and Apāro, who wants the tribe to be more welcoming. If you mention you're a watcher (Honest), this will gain moderate relationship/reputation with Pallegina and Aloth (Dutiful).
  • The interior is large and built into a mountain overlooking the island. The Wahaki shrine to the left contains a mural of what looks to be Thaos ix Arkannon (bring Aloth) and a brazier that you can use to assassinate the ranga. The library to the right contains minor loot.
  • In the main chamber is the ranga together with her advisors. During the audience, both Tangara and Burapo will be present and leave once the ranga asks you to wipe out the slavers at Crookspur.
  • A hidden switch in the throne room (next to the brazier on the back right) opens a treasure chamber with a collection of loot. Note that a Wahaki Brute will enter the chamber and stay there, making it difficult to steal from the chests without the tribe becoming hostile (though a character with high Stealth can sneak around the edge of the room).





  • The name Ori o Koīki loosely resembles the term "Oreo cookie".