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PE1 Osrya.png
Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity
Race Human
Gender Female
Location Raedric's Hold
The Legacy is an affliction of the soul, and I have dedicated my life, alongside my peers, to understanding the fabric of souls. The essence of life.

Osrya is an animancer in Pillars of Eternity.


A dark-haired animancer seemingly perpetually stained with the green fluid she uses in her experiments, Osrya is Raedric VII's latest animancer servant, seeking to find a cure for Waidwen's Legacy. She is not making a lot of progress, which she blames on the lack of necessary materials and improper facilities to carry out her research - after all, a dungeon filled with sewage and corpses is hardly the right environment for science.

Osrya considers herself to be the foremost student of Pandgram's Theorems, summoned to assist in determining the true cause of the Hollowborn Plague. She is keenly aware that the Waidwen's Legacy is a misnomer, as the effect the plague has on newborns is similar to that of a biawac, rather than some sort of plague sent down by the Scattered God as a parting gift. Furthermore she has detected lingering traces of essence upon the bodies of the Hollowborn, leading her to believe that the soul is not destroyed, but rather stripped - and can be sutured into the body anew.

She constantly finds herself at odds with Nedmar, Raedric's Berathian priest, who exploits his lord's zeal to his own ends: Rededicating the destroyed Temple of Eothas to Berath, while pocketing generous amounts of money towards that end. If possible, she would see him killed to ensure that Nedmar's hostility to her work would not interfere further with her work, especially after Lady Ygrid's untimely death at the hands of her husband.


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Lord of a Barren Land
The Champion of Berath

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