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The Ovates of the Golden Grove is a faction in Eir Glanfath.


The Ovates are a druidic order in Twin Elms. They consider nature a source of spiritual inspiration, and wax poetic on the parallels between civilized life and the environmental patterns around them. In this, they represent a philosophical counterpoint and rival to the Ethik Nôl. While the Ovates look to nature’s cycles and patterns for insight, the Ethik Nôl actively mimic them to achieve a greater sense of belonging.[1]

The Ovates are keen naturalists, specializing in herbal remedies that can soothe or cure any malady. Further adopting the perspective that nature can serve the greater world, they use forests and rivers as a gauge to predict greater events (e.g., drought, storms) before they happen. Although their sense of observation has led to world leaders seeking their advice, they don’t consider their skills in any way prophetic. To an Ovate, the knack for predicting the future is accessible to anyone with sharp senses and the patience to open their minds to nature.[1]