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Overstaying His Welcome is a side quest in The White March - Part I.


Haeferic, the innkeeper at The Gréf's Rest, thinks there's something suspicious about one of his guests. According to him, the orlan staying in one of the rooms has been behaving strangely, and Haeferic would like someone to get to the bottom of things.


  • Ailef is hiding in a rear room in the inn. Talk to him to learn that he is fleeing Readceran slavers under Defala and that he scraped together enough money to reach New Heomar... But there's a group of Readcerans camped out to the west of Stalwart whom he suspects to be Defala and her men. He'll offer money in exchange for getting rid of them.
  • Defala is found in Russetwood, below the frozen lake in the middle of the map (only after starting the quest). She will not be hostile and instead add a few facts to Ailef's story, namely that he killed his master's son while escaping, and will offer to share half the bounty if you lure him out to the roads outside Stalwart. At this point, you will be forced to fight her unless you agree to help her.
  • Go back to Stalwart and talk to Ailef.
    • If you agreed to help Defala:
      • Trick Ailef into leaving Stalwart, luring him into Defala's trap (requires Resolve 15 if you initially ask him about the boy he killed). He'll give you a Ring of Unshackling and a Durgan Copper Bracelet before leaving. Return to Defala to receive half the bounty (Copper pands (cp)1,000). Killing her at this point will not give you the full bounty.
      • Take things into your own hands and kill Ailef. Defala will not be happy and will attack once you return.
    • If you killed Defala:
  • Regardless of the decision, return to Haeferic for your reward.
    • If you imprisoned, tricked, or freed Ailef (i.e. dealt with him without killing him), Haeferic will thank you. Gain minor positive reputation with Stalwart, and an Opal.
    • If you killed Ailef, Heferic will be mad. Gain minor negative reputation with Stalwart.


  • If you kill Defala after tricking Ailef into leaving (without talking to her), the quest will be stuck incomplete until you also kill Ailef.


ID Objectives
0 Overstaying His Welcome
10000 Haeferic, the innkeeper at the Gréf's Rest, thinks there's something suspicious about one of his guests. According to him, the orlan staying in one of the rooms has been behaving strangely, and Haeferic would like someone to get to the bottom of things.
Alternate descriptions
40001 Ailef, a runaway slave, is hiding in the Gréf's Rest in Stalwart. He wants help evading his pursuers.
1 Speak to the orlan in the Gréf's Rest.
10001 Haeferic is convinced that his orlan guest is up to no good. The orlan showed up a few days ago and has been hiding out in one of the rooms.

Haeferic would like me to get rid of him, but he doesn't want me to hurt him.

2 Track down the slave hunter.
10002 Ailef is hiding from Defala, a slave hunter who followed him from Readceras. He can't leave town until she's been dealt with.

Rumor has it that a party of Readcerans has made camp somewhere west of town.

3 Trick Ailef into leaving Stalwart.
10003 Defala provided a few details that Ailef neglected to mention - specifically, that he signed himself into indentured servitude and that he killed his master's young son during his escape.

She's asked me to lure him back onto the roads. She promised me a share of his bounty.

20001 Defala was on edge when I spoke to her again after our deal. If I don't get on with the job, she's going to think that I'm betraying her.
20000 Ailef has been killed. The slave hunter won't be getting paid - and it's likely I won't either.
4 Return to Ailef.
10004 The slave hunter is dead. Ailef will be relieved to hear of it.
5 Return to Defala in the Russetwood.
10005 I convinced Ailef to leave town. The slave hunters should have little trouble apprehending him. Defala will be waiting with my reward.
6 Return to Defala in the Russetwood.
10006 Ailef's dead, but perhaps Defala will be satisfied with that outcome.
End states
No Killed Ailef Before Speaking to Slaver
30000 Quest Failed
No Killed Haeferic
30001 Quest Failed
Yes Dealt with Slaver, Told Ailef
30002 I dealt with the slave hunter for Ailef, and he thanked me for it.
Yes Tricked Ailef, Helped Slaver
30003 I tricked Ailef into running right into the hands of the slave hunters. Defala stayed behind to give me my payment before heading back to Readceras.
Yes Tricked Ailef, Killed Both
30004 I got Ailef out of the room and dealt with him and the slave hunter out in the wilds. Haeferic should be pleased that they're gone, at least.
Yes Killed Ailef, told Slaver
30005 Defala was not happy about my having taken things into my own hands. She attacked.
Yes Took Ailef Prisoner
30006 Ailef may not deserve to be enslaved, but he is a murderer - I decided to take him prisoner. It'll clear him out of Haeferic's inn, at least.
Yes Both dead (generic)
30007 Defala and Ailef are both dead.