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Pāhowane is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


This is a large, ruined temple on the western edge of Neketaka island. Once it was a shrine to Ngati, but the priests left for Neketaka, and left the temple long since abandoned. Currently, the ruins are filled with xaurips afflicted by some sort of pestilence. Remains of aumaua captured as food - or ready for preparation - litter the hallways together with grisly effigies devoted to the eoten leading this tribe.

Points of interest[]

  • The upper level is fairly simple, with a centrally-located throne room, holding cages to the southeast, and exit to the lower floor to the southwest. You can get to the southeast area via the walkway behind the throne, or via the corridor to the south.
  • In the throne room is an Eoten. Having made friends with the xaurips in the temple, he commands them to attack you on sight. When killed he drops a cell key, which you can use to open Badema's cage.
  • Kuaru Trader is held here, waiting to be cooked on the spit. Untie him to learn that he, Tumau and Badema are merchants from Neketaka. Their wagon was surrounded on the road by the Xaurips, before they were dragged to Pāhowane, wagon and all. He'll tell you that Badema is still being held to the southeast, but Tamau seems to be done for.
  • The plaguestrikers are quite nasty, and deal big damage with their stealth attacks. Positioning is important here, since it's easy to get your party members stuck between the broken walls. Initiating combat at the extremes of the level will also avoid agro'ing too many enemies at once.
  • This area contains the xaurip hoard and a massive shrine to Ngati. To access the area, you need to start Skipping Ahead and enter the portal, where you'll be teleported right to the shrine.


  • Kuaru Trader: A captive, on the upper level.
  • Badema: A captive, in a cage to the southeast.





  • Some of the enemies in this area drop Kith Meat and Forbidden Flesh Pies, as well as Kith consumables like Rice, and Hardtack, even though they wouldn't usually be apart of their loot tables. You can assume that the consumables were pilfered from the wagons they stole - and the meat from the kith they've killed in the process.