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Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity
Gender Male

Penhelm is a character in Pillars of Eternity.


The young novitiate's armor is recently shined, and his hair is clean and neatly combed. It's hard to believe he's ever seen battle, or that the scarred antique breastplate he wears could possibly be his. Penhelm is one of the freshest novitiates, obsessed with the elite status of the Crucible Knights, preening and constantly cleaning his gear to look good for whatever glorious future he believes he has in store for himself. In truth, he is little more than a scheming little wretch, who "informed" the officers of the Knights about Osric's "controversial" opinions, ensuring the man was thrown out of the organization for voicing his concerns.

This proactive stance can be explained by the fact that Penhelm forged his way into the Crucible Knights. His affidavit attests that his soul is as Dyrwoodan as it can be, but in reality, he was an Aedyran in a previous life... An Aedyran general, in fact, involved in the failed attempt to contain Hadret's rebellion. The preening peacock of a man decided to forge his affidavit in order to earn a spot among the Crucible Knights, claiming that everyone deserves a fair shot at life no matter their past crimes. Shame he didn't offer the same leniency to Osric.


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Rogue Knight