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The different cultures of Eora have their own personal names. The names as the cultures are not race specific (e.g. Meadow humans and Wood elves in the Aedyr Empire, Wild Orlans and Wood elves in Eir Glanfath).

Note: This article contains real-world references.

Aedyran[edit | edit source]

Aedyran names as the language are used in the Aedyr Empire, and its former colonies, the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood and the Penitential Regency of Readceras. The language and the names are based on Old English/Anglo-Saxon, Old Frisian, bits of Icelandic and Scots. J, q, v, and z are extremely rare or do not appear in their names.

Male names[edit | edit source]

Aldwyn, Beacwof (BEH-ehk-wuv), Caedman (CAD-man), Cafden (CAV-den), Cyrdel (SEER-del), Durnisc (DUR-nish), Egdrang, Ethelmoer, Faramund, Furly, Gjestr (YES-tr), Gordy, Hafmacg (HAV-madge), Igrun, Kolsc (KOLSH), Moedred, Osric, Sigram, Thyrsc (THEERSH), Unfric, Ufdaen (UV-dan), Yngfey (EENG-vey).

Female names[edit | edit source]

Ascly (ASH-lee), Aufra (OW-vrah), Battixa, Bricanta, Defala (deh-VAH-lah), Elcga (EL-djah), Esmy, Falanroed, Gjefa (YEH-vah), Grimda, Ingroed, Iselmyr, Nyfre (NEE-vreh), Peycg (PAYDJ), Sceyda (SHEY-dah), Udyne (ooh-DEE-neh), Yngfrith, Ysly (EES-lee).

Vailian[edit | edit source]

Vailian names are used in the Vailian Republics and their former motherland Old Vailia. The language is based on a mix of Italian, Occitan, Catalan, and French roots, but is Italian in overall flavor. J, y, and x are extremely rare in their names.

Male names[edit | edit source]

Almert, Cendo, Cosso, Fulvano, Galvino, Giandele, Liano, Marceno (mar-CHEY-noh), Randatu, Verzano (vehr-TZAH-noh).

Female names[edit | edit source]

Ancelle, Berenat, Bellasege (beh-lah-SAY-djey), Clesia, Laudira, Liena, Malita, Pallegina, Salgiatte, Vianna.

Glanfathan[edit | edit source]

Glanfathan names are used by the inhabitants of Eir Glanfath. The language borrows from Welsh, Cornish, and a bit of Irish. Q, u, x, y, and z are not used in their names.

Male names[edit | edit source]

Ardhem (AR-them - voiced th), Arthwn, Brân (BRAN), Cemoc (KEH-mok), Enfws, Gwron (GUH-ron), Lloran (HLO-ran), Rhanet (HRA-net), Simoc, Thristwn (THRIH-stun).

Female names[edit | edit source]

Alarhî (ah-LAH-hree), Bethwl (BETH-ul), Bledha (BLE-tha - voiced th), Casŵen (CAHSS-ooen), Iswld (IH-ssuld), Onŵen, Sîdha (SHEE-tha - voiced th), Tamra.