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Pilgrim's Crown is a plant in Pillars of Eternity.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

These small golden flowers grow across entire meadows in the plains of Ixamitl, and less commonly in the Dyrwood. They're frequently woven into garlands and wreaths. Many a pair of infatuated youths has passed a Pilgrim's Crown between them.


Recipes using Pilgrim's Crown[]

Enchanting recipes[]

Name Effects Level Enchantment Points Ingredients Cost
Weapon enchantment recipes
Damaging 1
  • +15% Damage
1 1 Anvils 100Copper pands (cp)
Damaging 2
  • +30% Damage
3 2 Anvils 300Copper pands (cp)
Fine (weapon)
  • +4 Accuracy
  • +15% Damage
4 2 Anvils 600Copper pands (cp)
Shield enchantment recipes
Fine (shield) 4 2 Anvils 600Copper pands (cp)
Armor enchantment recipes
Of Might 1 2 2 Anvils 300Copper pands (cp)
Fine (armor)
  • +2 Damage Reduction (DR)
4 2 Anvils 600Copper pands (cp)
Of Might 2 5 4 Anvils 1,000Copper pands (cp)

Crafting recipes[]

Name Effect Duration Value Ingredients Amount
Scrolls crafting recipes

20 sec Copper pands (cp)1,000