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Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part I is the first addon for Pillars of Eternity. It was announced on June 24, 2015[1][2] and was released on August 25, 2015.[3][4] It features new quests, new abilities, new talents, new areas, two new companions, new creatures, new items, and the level cap is raised to 14. The addon is integrated into the main story and not a separate campaign. It is followed by The White March - Part II.

Exposition[ | ]

Narration by Dave B. Mitchell

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

You set out for Stalwart. The White March rises up in the distance, stretching to the north and south as far as the eye can see. It beckons to you with peaks like broken fingers.

The road thins to a tattered ribbon, and the shadow of the mountains falls across your path. You've barely begun your climb when the darkening sky pummels you with hailstones and turns the ground beneath you to ice.

You press on.

The air grows thin, and the treacherous mountain passes funnel screeching winds past your ears. A blizzard forces you to make camp for three days, huddling for safety while snow piles around your refuge.

At last the weather clears and you approach Stalwart under a crisp, blue sky. There's a noise, high and sharp, coming from the village that sounds at first like another frozen gale. But when you top the rise and reach the village's wooden gates, you see what lies beyond them...

New content[ | ]

The White March - Part I starts shortly after the Watcher acquires Caed Nua and completes the quest Never Far from the Queen. You will be contacted by the mayor of Stalwart in the White March. She asks for your help to reawaken the white forges of Durgan's Battery.

New areas[ | ]

The expansion adds a new region to the map, The White March, which contains the following 4 maps:

Stalwart – a village in the White March attacked by ogre[5]
Durgan's Battery – an ancient dwarven fortress
Russetwood – a forest west of Stalwart, home to a tribe of crag ogres
Longwatch Falls – a region east of Stalwart containing hot springs and waterfalls

In addition, there is another map added to Dyrwood

Crägholdt Bluffs – tower of the infamous wizard Concelhaut

New quests[ | ]

New creatures[ | ]

The new locations have a variety of new enemies to fight, including:

New companions[ | ]

The expansion adds three new companions, who can be found in the White March:

Character options[ | ]

New abilities[ | ]

Fighters, rogues, rangers, barbarians, paladins, and monks each gain access to 2 new high-level abilities. They are as follows:

Class Ability Level Description
Barbarian Eye of the Storm 11 The barbarian cannot be Engaged by enemies that are more than 1 level lower than him or her.
Dragon Leap 13 Drawing upon reserves of intense spiritual power, barbarians are able to leap high into the air and crash down upon their foes, Dazing them.
Fighter Take the Hit 11 When activated, damage taken by nearby allies is cut in half, with the fighter taking the other half as Raw Damage
Sundering Blow 13 The fighter makes a primary attack that does additional damage and lowers the target's Damage Reduction.
Monk Iron Wheel 11 The pain from the monk's wounds allows him or her to build Damage Reduction against enemy attacks. Gives +1 to all Damage Reduction for each wound the monk has.
The Dichotomous Soul 13 The monk meditates briefly on his or her pain, summoning two physical manifestations of suffering, one made of flame, the other of ice.
Paladin Healing Chain 11 The paladin targets a single ally for healing, but the effect continues to jump between allies up to six times (including the initial heal).
Sacred Immolation 13 The paladin focuses his or her faith and self-immolates in blue flame. Each time the ability pulses, the paladin takes a small amount of Raw Damage, but enemies in the area take Burn Damage. Allies receive a small amount of Endurance.
Ranger Play Dead 11 Cause the ranger's animal companion to appear dead, causing it to regain endurance and become untargetable.
Twinned Arrows 13 When using a hunting bow or war bow, the ranger can opt to fire 2 shots, at the cost of accuracy. This is a modal ability.
Rogue Smoke Cloud 11 The rogue drops a small cloud of smoke which leaves adjacent enemies Distracted for a short duration.
Sap 13 The rogue performs a primary attack that does additional damage and leaves the target Stunned.

New talents[ | ]

Cross-class talents, which allow a character of any class to learn a weaker version of another class's ability. There is one from each class:

Acolyte's Radiance – weaker Holy Radiance (Priest ability)
Apprentice's Sneak Attack – weaker Sneak Attack (Rogue ability)
Aspirant's Mark – weaker Nature's Mark (Druid spell)
Enigma's Charm – weaker Whisper of Treason (Cipher power)
Novice's Suffering – weaker Transcendent Suffering 4 (Monk ability)
Outlander's Frenzy – weaker Frenzy (Barbarian ability)[6]
Prestidigitator's Missiles – weaker Minoletta's Minor Missiles (Wizard spell)
Rhymer's Summon – weaker If their Bones Sleep Still Under that Hill, None Can Say (Chanter invocation)[6]
Runner's Wounding Shot – weaker Wounding Shot (Ranger ability)
Gallant's Focus – weaker Zealous Focus (Paladin ability)
Veteran's Recovery – weaker Constant Recovery (Fighter ability)[5]

New spells[ | ]

Wizards, priests, ciphers, and druids gain access to new 7th level spells. Chanters gain access to new 4th level phrases and invocations.

New equipment[ | ]

Soulbound weapons[ | ]

Soulbound weapons are weapons that can be bound to a character. They get new powers, if you complete different achievements and you will also get more information about the weapon if you advance it. Each weapon can only be bound to specific classes and the different classes will get unique powers from the weapon. If the weapon is bound to character, only this character can use it, but you can sever the binding and lose all advancement you made with this weapon. They have a larger information window with a pen and ink style illustration of the weapon. They can't be enchanted and they will get a bonus from every weapon talent even if it wouldn't qualify for the talent.

Unique weapons and shields[ | ]


Unique armor[ | ]

Unique clothes and accessories[ | ]


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