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What is Project Eternity?

Project Eternity is the working title for an isometric, party-based RPG featuring a real-time-with-pause combat system and a magic system revolving around souls. The game is set in an original high fantasy setting created by Obsidian Entertainment, promising a mature-themed story with deep dialogues, reactive characters, and meaningful choices and consequences.

When will Project Eternity be available?

Project Eternity is tentatively scheduled to be released in Spring 2014.

How will I get my digital copy of the game?

Once the Kickstarter ends, every backer will receive a survey asking them what platform and distribution network they would like. The game now proudly supports both GOG and Steam, so if you prefer DRM-free, you can choose the GOG option, and if you like Steam's integration, including achievements, and possibly cloud saves, you'll be able to choose that as well.

If you buy additional copies as add-ons, you'll be able to tell Obsidian which one you want per key.

Obsidian does not yet have a DRM-free distribution partner for Mac, but one will be available as an option too for Mac customers.

What languages will Project Eternity be in?

The initial release will be in English, and the developers are looking for ways of translating the game for fans all over the rest of the world. As we have more information and our funding increases, we’ll make sure to keep everyone update on what languages will be coming with Project Eternity. French, German, and Spanish text translations are now supported. Developers are also talking about Russian translation possibility.

What about other platforms?

Using game engine Unity, Project Eternity supports Windows PC, Macintosh OS X, and Linux. For other platforms like tablets, the developers will be looking into seeing if they can support them, but currently due to fees from App Stores, they cannot promise them as part of this Kickstarter.

Can I use PayPal?

PayPal is now available! Please visit the Project Eternity web page for more details.