Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (Original Soundtrack)

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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (Original Soundtrack)
Poe2 Soundtrack Cover.jpg
Soundtrack album by Justin E. Bell
May 8, 2018
Orchestral, classical, folk, sea shanty
Obsidian Entertainment
Justin E. Bell, The Budapest Art Orchestra, Frölich Geschray, Nils Brown and Carrie Shaw

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (Original Soundtrack) is the official soundtrack to Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. It was composed by Justin E. Bell and performed by The Budapest Art Orchestra (conducted by Peter Pejtsik), with additional tracks by Frölich Geschray, and traditional sea shanties by Nils Brown and Carrie Shaw.

The soundtrack is included in the Obsidian and Deluxe editions of the game[1] (located in the install directory), and can also be purchased or streamed separately on a number of online stores, including Amazon, CD Baby, GOG, and Spotify.

Track list[edit | edit source]

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Deadfire" Justin E. Bell 3:53
2. "Prologue" Justin E. Bell 2:29
3. "The Fate of Caed Nua" Justin E. Bell 1:29
4. "All Gods" Justin E. Bell 3:59
5. "Character Creation" Justin E. Bell 3:45
6. "Lie" Justin E. Bell 2:24
7. "Any Post in a Storm" Justin E. Bell 5:53
8. "Setting Sail" Justin E. Bell 0:51
9. "Huana" Justin E. Bell 4:45
10. "Mother Ocean will Lead us Safely Home" Justin E. Bell 5:17
11. "Queen's Berth" Justin E. Bell 3:53
12. "The Brass Citadel" Justin E. Bell 5:35
13. "Periki's Overlook" Justin E. Bell 4:37
14. "A Gods-Cursed Ruin" Justin E. Bell 2:31
15. "Arkemyr" Justin E. Bell 4:46
16. "The Sacred Stair" Justin E. Bell 9:30
17. "The Gullet" Justin E. Bell 5:25
18. "What the Goddess of Death has Touched" Justin E. Bell 2:30
19. "Serpent's Crown" (Incorrectly spelled "Sepent") Justin E. Bell 6:39
20. "Comrades" Justin E. Bell 1:40
21. "The Truth Only Gets in their Way" Justin E. Bell 2:52
22. "Eothas" Justin E. Bell 3:55
23. "Twin Elms Redux" Justin E. Bell 4:42
24. "Eora Redux" Justin E. Bell (Ryan Humphrey credited as "Remixer") 2:27
25. "To the Bitter End and Beyond" Justin E. Bell 1:32
26. "Welcome to Deadfire" Justin E. Bell 0:24
27. "Subsuming Embrace" Justin E. Bell 0.32
28. "Farmer and the Fox" Frölich Geschray 3:10
29. "The Sea and Her Love" Frölich Geschray 2:37
30. "Quant'ay lo mon consirat" Frölich Geschray 2:04
31. "Skudrinka" Frölich Geschray 3:14
32. "So spricht das Leben" Frölich Geschray 1:42
33. "Close to Board" Frölich Geschray 3:08
34. "If Their Bones Sleep" Justin E. Bell 2:10
35. "Her Revenge Swept Across" Justin E. Bell 1:48
36. "Nor Flame nor Thrusted Blade" Justin E. Bell 0:48
37. "And Evil Turned Away from the Sun" Justin E. Bell 1:41
38. "It's Crash Could not be Denied" Justin E. Bell 2:19
39. "Rise Again, Rise Again" Justin E. Bell 2:14
40. "Aim Spirente" Nils Brown and Carrie Shaw 1:59
41. "Roll the old Berath's Wheel" Nils Brown and Carrie Shaw 3:00
42. "The Faithful Sailor" Nils Brown and Carrie Shaw 7:43
43. "Heave Away my Lendry" Nils Brown and Carrie Shaw 2:38
44. "Haul Away and Go" Nils Brown and Carrie Shaw 3:16
45. "Deadfire Lines" Nils Brown and Carrie Shaw 1:50
Total length 2:25:03

* Tracks 1-23 are performed by The Budapest Art Orchestra.

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