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The Watcher's own standard.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire features a variety of factions and the Watcher's choice of alliances and antagonists will have a marked effect on the result of the Hunt for Eothas.

Faction mechanics[]

Your standing with the factions is determined by your reputation which is tracked on two axes: Positive and Negative. These determine how you are treated. Every point of positive reputation gives you a -5% discount at any faction store, and each rank can give you unique options in dialogue with faction affiliates. Most quests will also present you with a variety of outcomes which generate different reputation effects and benefits.


Major factions[]

Name Origin Locations Reputation effects Decision point(s)
Vailian Republics
  • Completing the RDC questline grants you the unique submarine
  • Overgrowth: Killing Fleet Master Okaya sets the RDC permanently hostile.
Old Vailia
  • Following the quest line allows you to seize The Floating Hangman from Lucia Rivan, but doesn't lock you in.
  • A Dance with Death: Delivering the Floating Hangman locks you into supporting the Príncipi.
Deadfire Archipelago
  • Taking Out the Traders: Following Onekaza's plan after accepting the quest locks you into siding with the Huana. Revealing yourself as the culprit leaves the Príncipi as your only choice.

Minor factions[]

Name Origin Locations Reputation effects Decision point(s)

Location-based factions[]

Name Location