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This page lists all quests in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Main quests[edit | edit source]

Following the destruction of Caed Nua by Eothas, who occupied the adra statue devoted to Maros Nua, the Watcher ends up with a maimed soul and a desperate need to find the god to save his soul and himself. However, they will find out more than they bargained with, as with their hunt for Thaos.

The Hunt for Eothas

End[edit | edit source]

Side quests[edit | edit source]

These are miscellaneous quests which are not vital to the main storyline.

Quest Given by Start location Notes
Helping Hands Automatic Maje Island: Vilario's Rest
Lost Dues in Good Faith Kahn Neketaka: Queen's Berth
Mapping the Archipelago: Port Maje Sanza Mapping series
Mapping the Archipelago: Tikawara
Mapping the Archipelago: West Wakara Reef
Mapping the Archipelago: The Burning Shoals
Mapping the Archipelago: Razai Passage
Family Pride Automatic All are part of the VTC family feud arc
A Sinking Feeling Ezzali Bardatto
A Bigger Fish Martino Valera
The Storms of Poko Kohara Atsura / Lueva Alvari
The Final Voyage Captain Teryc Lofell Neketaka: Serpent's Crown
Upon New Shores Masog Unobtainable (cut content)
The Archmage's Vault Netehe / Tumara Neketaka: Periki's Overlook Arkemyr's quest arc
Bekarna's Folly Arkemyr
Eulogy for the Dead High Priest Kasu Neketaka: The Sacred Stair
The Cornett's Call Dereo the Lean Neketaka: The Gullet
Food for Thought Enoi
Harsh Medicine Pitli
Broodmother's Fury Himuihi Tikawara
Hunting Season Fleet Master Okaya Sayuka
Tip of the Spear Master Kua Crookspur Crookspur slavers extension quests
Cruel Cargo Ruāsare Ori o Koīki
Nemnok the Devourer Tatok Junvik village
A Paradise of the Mind Copperhead Splintered Reef
The Ultimate Automatic Challenge quest

Faction quests[edit | edit source]

Huana questline[edit | edit source]

Quest Given by Start location Notes
Trade Secrets Prince Aruihi Kahanga Palace
The Last Sanctuary
From the Wreckage Automatic World map
The Shadow Under Neketaka Queen Onekaza II Kahanga Palace
Fruitful Alliance
Taking Out the Traders

Principi questline[edit | edit source]

Quest Given by Start location Notes
Blow the Man Down Captain Furrante World map
Symbols of Death Dunnage
A Shrewd Proposition
Honor Among Thieves Automatic World Map
A Dance with Death Captain Furrante / Captain Aeldys Dunnage / Fort Deadlight
Aeldys' quest line
Goods and Services Captain Mad Morena / Captain Aeldys Undercroft / Fort Deadlight

Royal Deadfire Company questline[edit | edit source]

Quest Given by Start location Notes
The Brass Empire Automatic Kahanga Palace
Dim Prospects Atsura Imperial Command
A Matter of Import Hazanui Karū
Overgrowth Fleet Master Okaya Sayuka
Clearing Out Crookspur Atsura Imperial Command
The Final Maneuver Hazanui Karū

Vailian Trading Company questline[edit | edit source]

Quest Given by Start location Notes
For the Republics! Automatic Kahanga Palace
Terms of Trade Lueva Alvari Vailian Trading Company Headquarters
Dirty Laundry Ignato Castol
Of Like Minds
A Glimpse Beyond Flaune Elette / Director Castol Spire of the Soul-Seers
Skipping Ahead Flaune Elette
A Vote of No Confidence Lueva Alvari Vailian Trading Company Headquarters
Sabotage at the Brass Citadel Director Castol / Lueva Alvari

Companion quests[edit | edit source]

Every scripted companion has a personal side-quest that you can complete together with them. Tekehu is technically the exception, although he is heavily featured in The Shadow Under Neketaka.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Tasks tend to be less complex and significant than full-fledged side quests.

Task Given by Start location Notes
Basic Provisions Automatic World map
Skeleton Crew
Burning Bridges Rinco Port Maje Harbor
The Better Man Thorel
Restoring Order Savia
The Drunk Sailor Rum-Dumb Riggere
Wandering Stars Maren Unobtainable (cut content)
The Shipwright's Plight Zamar Neketaka: Queen's Berth
Coming to Terms Tawenu
Salt in the Wound Nera Bardatto
Her Last Request Muhai Neketaka: Serpent's Crown
A Cordial Invitation Automatic Neketaka: Periki's Overlook Arkemyr's quest arc
Velvet Glove, Brass Fist Fassina
Sealed Fate Degnos
Refined Arrangement Ganor Unobtainable (cut content)
All Aboard Biha Neketaka: The Gullet
Delver's Row Prince Aruihi / Pitli /
Enoi / Dereo the Lean
Iron Gut Pietro Dunnage: The King's Coffin
A Tidy Performance Calandra Dunnage: Radiant Court
Plucked Fruit Mukūmu Tikawara
The Lost Grimoires Nemnok the Devourer Drowned Barrows

Bounties[edit | edit source]

Bounties are particularly difficult combat quests that serve to provide a late game challenge - and a good source of coin. If you happen to kill a bounty target without the quest active, you can simply turn in the bounty immediately after receiving it.

Task Given by Start location Notes
Bounty - Meryel the Mad Abocco Neketaka: The Wild Mare
Bounty - Pūrākau
Bounty - Nomu the Marauder
Bounty - Tāhae
Bounty - Biakara Aenia Neketaka: Queen's Berth VTC
Bounty - Veen
Bounty - Desiwa the Shark
Bounty - Diccila Barati Neketaka: Kahanga Palace Huana
Bounty - Oheiro
Bounty - Rafiq the Red Beard
Bounty - Assila Wave-Skipper Fleet Master Wakoyo Neketaka: The Brass Citadel RDC
Bounty - Radulf
Bounty - Burunga
Bounty - Dhwrgas the Ascetic Okauro Neketaka: The Sacred Stair
Bounty - Onadere the Siren
Bounty - Ikorno
Bounty - Urnox the Rathun
Bounty - Beina Nungata Neketaka: Serpent's Crown
Bounty - Flamewalker Vessali
Bounty - The Steel Preacher
Bounty - Uamoru the Pretender
Bounty - Chornu Udita Dunnage: Lifter's Refuge Principi
Bounty - Kuaro
Bounty - Rock-Stomper Rodul
Bounty - Lord Admiral Imp Dessiral Dunnage: Radiant Court
Bounty - Lady Epero
Bounty - Katrenn
Bounty - Torkar

Expansion quests[edit | edit source]

Beast of Winter[edit | edit source]

Main quests:

Side quests:

Seeker, Slayer, Survivor[edit | edit source]

Main quests:

Side quests:

Face quests:

The Forgotten Sanctum[edit | edit source]

Main quests:

Complementary quests:

Quest level[edit | edit source]

The quest level as shown in the journal (by hovering over the the book icon under the quest title) gives the player an indication of the relative difficulty of the quest in relation to their level.

The base quest level is manually set by the game designers. Although this level doesn't actually influence any gameplay mechanics itself, it generally takes into account (and is therefore a good indicator of):

  • The average level of creatures, enemies and traps encountered, in areas related to the quest. This is expressed as a location's "expected player level" (also called "recommended level"). The quest level averages out to be around the same level as the locations prominently featured.
  • The difficulty of dialogue checks.

If the quest level is equal to the player's level, the difficulty of the quest will be as close to as it was originally designed, generally meaning that enemies faced will be close to the player's level, and dialogue checks will be generally passable.

Note that the quest level is adjusted with Level scaling in order to match the perceived difficulty of areas/encounters and in turn the enemies found within the quest, though the quest level itself does not affect scaling whatsoever. This should be kept in mind, as the quest pages on the wiki list the base/unscaled quest level - not one that is adjusted.

Quest experience[edit | edit source]

All quests grant a fixed and predetermined amount of experience to each party member. Each time the party completes a quest objective, a weighted portion of the total quest experience is granted. This total experience is divided (usually equally, though some objectives are weighted differently) between all objectives, as well as a final "end state" objective. So if a quest has 4 objectives, the experience is split into 5 portions.

On quest completion, no additional experience is earned (other than that of the "end state" objective), however if there are objectives that have not been completed, the party will be granted experience equal to the value of these remaining objectives. As such, the amount of objectives completed does not influence the amount of experience granted throughout the quest.

The predetermined total quest experience has two multipliers applied to it - a per quest multiplier (always 1), and a global multiplier of 1.35. In addition, the party receives a number of experience multipliers each time they receive experience - though this is not unique to quests.

Quests that do not have this "predetermined" amount instead calculate the granted XP using the quest's level and weighting - though currently there are very few quests that need to do this. For all quests that do not, there is no correlation between the quest's "XP level", "XP type" and the amount of experience gained. These values and any code that references them only exist as remnants from how experience was calculated in Pillars of Eternity.

The only quests that calculate their XP amount with their experience level and type are:

Objective experience[edit | edit source]

Upon completion of a quest objective, the exact amount of experience gained is calculated using:

  • totalObjectiveWeight - The sum of the experience weights of all objectives in the quest, plus one for the end state. Most experience weights are 1, so this is commonly just the amount of objectives in the quest plus one.
  • objectiveWeight - The experience weight of the completed objective in question, which is used as a multiplier for the objective experience.
  • experienceAmount - The amount of experience granted by the quest. This refers to the ExperienceAmount in "global.gamedatabundle", and is shown on the wiki page as "Experience amount". Remember that this is then multiplied by a global "QuestXPMultiplier" of 1.35.

The objective experience is then:

xp = (experienceAmount / totalObjectiveWeight) * objectiveWeight
If a quest has 4 objectives with an experience weight of 1, completing any objective would grant a 1/5 of the total quest experience. Using the above formula, and a total quest experience of 1000 (including QuestXPMultiplier), each objective would grant a base 200 XP.
If one of the objectives has a higher weighting, it is granted more "portions" of objective experience, and the experience granted to other objectives is reduced to make up for the fact. Using the same example of 1000 total quest experience, and a weight of 3 for one of the objectives, the singular weighted objective would grant 428.5... XP (3 portions), and the others (and end state) would grant 142.8... XP each.

Upon quest completion, the end state XP is granted, and each party member will have earned the experienceAmount, not counting the below bonuses, which are applied on every experience gain.

Party size bonus[edit | edit source]

After this initial amount is determined, a party-size bonus is applied, which gives more experience the fewer characters there are in the party. A bonus of +25% experience is granted per missing party member under 5. The bonus is calculated with the formula: 0.25 * (5 - numPartyMembers).

Party size Bonus XP
5 -
4 +25%
3 +50%
2 +75%
1 +100%

Player–companion adjusted experience[edit | edit source]

The amount of experience given to each party member is adjusted individually based on the difference between the player and the companion's level (this adjustment is not applied to the player). The adjustment multiplier is calculated with:

((playerLevel - companionLevel) * 0.2) + 1

For example, if the player's level is 7, and the companion's is 5, the companion will be granted an additional 40% experience. Note that the difference between levels is limited to a range of -5 to 5.

Level difference Adjustment
0 -
±1 ±20%
±2 ±40%
±3 ±60%
±4 ±80%
±5 (and beyond) ±100%