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Boots are a type of clothing in Pillars of Eternity. They use the Feet inventory slot.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Boots are worn for both comfort and style. Most often made of leather, they can be custom-made to suit a variety of terrains and purposes. While soldiers and explorers often favor hardy, thick-soled boots, rogues and thieves may prefer soft-soled shoes that allow them to move nimbly and quietly.

List of boots[]

Icon Name Value Enchantments Location
Boots animancer icon.png Animancer's Boots 310Copper pands (cp)
Boots bilestompers icon.png Bilestompers 510Copper pands (cp)
Boots evasion icon.png Boots of Evasion 110Copper pands (cp)
Boots speed icon.png Boots of Speed 210Copper pands (cp)
Boots stability icon.png Boots of Stability 110Copper pands (cp)
  • Sturdy: +30 Defenses against Prone attacks +15 Defenses against Push attacks
Boots of stealth icon.png Boots of Stealth 400Copper pands (cp)
Boots long march icon.png Boots of the Long March 210Copper pands (cp)
Boots zealous command icon.png Boots of Zealous Command (Paladin) 110Copper pands (cp)
Boots cat whisper icon.png Cat's Whisper (Rogue) 110Copper pands (cp)
Boots dead man stands icon.png Dead Man Stands 110Copper pands (cp)
Boots echoing misery icon.png Echoing Misery [WM1] 510Copper pands (cp)
Boots fenwalkers icon.png Fenwalkers 110Copper pands (cp)
Frythrs plated greaves icon.png Frythr's Plated Greaves [WM2]
410Copper pands (cp)
Boots fulvano icon.png Fulvano's Boots 210Copper pands (cp)
  • Black Meadow: Found on a corpse southeast of the map center.
Boots glanfathan stalking icon.png Glanfathan Stalking Boots 110Copper pands (cp)
Boots greenstained icon.png Greenstained Boots 410Copper pands (cp)
Boots malinas icon.png Malina's Boots 310Copper pands (cp)
Boots naasitaqi icon.png Naasitaqi Boots 210Copper pands (cp)
Boots patchwork boots icon.png Patchwork Boots 310Copper pands (cp)
Boots sandals of the forgotten friar icon.png Sandals of the Forgotten Friar [WM1] 510Copper pands (cp)
Boots shod in faith icon.png Shod-in-Faith 410Copper pands (cp)
Boots viettros formal footwear icon.png Viettro's Formal Footwear [WM2] 1,110Copper pands (cp)