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In Pillars of Eternity there are eleven companions you can recruit for your party. Eight appear in the original story campaign, and three appear in the White March expansion.

Name Class Race Culture Background Location
Aloth PoE1 portrait companion lg.png Aloth Wizard Wood elf Aedyr Aristocrat Gilded Vale – In front of the Black Hound Inn
Edér PoE1 portrait companion lg.png Edér Fighter Meadow human The Dyrwood Farmer Gilded Vale – At the gate to the Hanging Tree
Kana PoE1 portrait companion lg.png Kana Rua Chanter Island aumaua Rauatai Scholar Caed Nua – In front of the entrance, at the Western Barbican
Durance PoE1 portrait companion lg.png Durance Priest of Magran Meadow human The Dyrwood Clergyman Magran's ForkShrine of Magran, the statue at the crossroads
Sagani PoE1 portrait companion lg.png Sagani Ranger with a fox companion Boreal dwarf Naasitaq Hunter Woodend Plains – Crossroads in the south
Grieving Mother PoE1 portrait companion lg.png Grieving Mother Cipher Meadow human The Dyrwood Midwife Dyrford Village – Southeast, below Hendyna's Apothecary
Hiravias PoE1 portrait companion lg.png Hiravias Druid Hearth orlan Eir Glanfath Drifter Stormwall Gorge
Pallegina PoE1 portrait companion lg.png Pallegina Paladin Avian godlike Vailian Republics Soldier Ondra's Gift, Defiance Bay - In front of the Vailian Trading Company
Portrait devil of caroc lg.png Devil of Caroc Rogue Construct The Dyrwood Trapper [WM1] Galvino's Workshop – Basement of Galvino's Cabin, Durgan's Battery
Portrait zahua lg.png Zahua Monk Savannah human Ixamitl Philosopher [WM1] Stalwart Village
Portrait maneha lg.png Maneha Barbarian Coastal aumaua Rauatai Raider [WM2] Stalwart Village

Temporary companions[]

Some characters don't join your party permanently, but are available during one quest or a few quests.

  • Calisca – A female fighter, who joins you automatically at the beginning of the game.
  • Heodan – A male rogue, who might join you during the final scene from the beginning of the game.