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Headgear are a number of clothing items available in Pillars of Eternity, consisting of a variety of helms, hats, and hoods. They use the Head inventory slot. There's no actual mechanical difference between the different types of headgear and they don't provide direct increases to damage reduction or deflection.

Unique and quest headgear[edit | edit source]

Image Name Enhancements Value Location
Helm azalin icon.png
Azalin's Helmet
  • 0.1 Crit Multiplier Bonus
210 Sold by Vincent Dwellier in Club of Refined and Prestigious Gentlemen, Salty Mast, Ondra's Gift, Defiance Bay
Ethereal Helm
  • Grants Ethereal Cloak (Speed: Fast, Effects: Self: +25% incoming Crits converted to Hits, +25% incoming Hits converted to Grazes, +25% incoming Grazes converted to Misses, +3 Move Speed for 30.0 (base) sec) (5 charges)
210 Liminal Spaces legendary adventure, Caed Nua
Helm darksee icon.png
Helmet of Darksee 410 Derwn in Hearthsong Market
Helm iverras diving bell icon.png
Iverra's Diving Helmet 210 To the Waterline average adventure, Caed Nua
Helm stag icon.png
Stag Helm 600
Helm dunryd demon icon.png
The Dunryd Demon 410 Igrun's Arms and Armor, Copperlane District (Marketplace), Defiance Bay
Helm pilgrims lasting vigil icon.png
The Pilgrim's Lasting Vigil 410 Temple of Eothas lower floor, Gilded Vale
Garodh's Chorus [WM1] 860 Quest reward for Garodh's Chorus. Finding the Severed Horn in the lower level of the Flames-That-Whisper Caverns, Russetwood [WM1] or the Battered Helm in the Armory at The Great Hall level of Durgan's Battery [WM1] begins the quest.
Tempered helm icon.png
Tempered Helm [WM1] 710
Argwes Adra's Helm [WM2] 610 [WM2] Hamond's Emporium, Stalwart Village
He Carries Many Scars Helm [WM2] 210 [WM2] Hamond's Emporium, Stalwart Village
Maegfolc Skull [WM2] 1,010 [WM2] Roedwith in Searing Falls during Bounty: Magran's Faithful quest
Sanguine Plate's Helm [WM2] 110 [WM2] Hamond's Emporium, Stalwart Village
White Crest's Helm [WM2] 610 [WM2] Korbal's Supplies, The Great Hall, Durgan's Battery
Helm fortanero icon.png
Captain Fortanero's Hat 10

Possible quest reward for All Hands on Deck quest

Crossed Patch 310 The Crossed Eye grand adventure, Caed Nua
Helm diseased yak icon.png
Dandy Hat of the Diseased Yak 610 Sonild, Admeth's Den, Copperlane District, Defiance Bay
Helm hermit icon.png
Hermit's Hat 710
Hat turban kana icon.png
Kana's Turban 210 Kana Rua's starting gear
Lavender Wreath 510 Lavender and Lye grand adventure, Caed Nua
Helm munacra arret icon.png
Munacra Arret 510 Sonild, Admeth's Den, Copperlane District, Defiance Bay
Hat rugged wilderness icon.png
Rugged Wilderness Hat 600
Hat witchs hat icon.png
The Witch's Hat 810 Witch's Walk minor adventure, Caed Nua
Hat waages hat of leadership icon.png
Waage's Hat of Leadership 210 Sold by Vincent Dwellier in Club of Refined and Prestigious Gentlemen, Salty Mast, Ondra's Gift, Defiance Bay
Ultimate hat of alluring perfection icon.png
Ultimate Hat of Alluring Perfection [WM1] 1,210 [WM1] Yduran's Wares in Stalwart Village
Hat company captains cap icon.png
Company Captain's Cap [DP]

1,640 [DP] Ponamu Bird-Scorned in Anslög's Compass
Hat hood icon.png
Footpad's Hood 600
Hat liripipe of thinking icon.png
Liripipe of Thinking 600 Random loot item spawning in various location

[WM2] Sold by Herla in Mowrghek Îen.

Px2 hat executioners hood icon.png
Executioner's Hood [WM2] 1,010 [WM2] Täog, Looter Camp, Whitestone Hollow

Common headgear types[edit | edit source]

Helmets come in many forms, from the humble padded cap to fully-enclosed steel great helms. Different cultures tend toward different styles of helmets, but outside of regimented armies, the type of helmet an individual wears often comes down to personal preference.
Hats come in many different shapes, sizes, and a wide array of colors. Dyrwoodans are known for their modest, rustic hats while Vailians are associated with broad-brimmed hats featuring a variety of exotic plumes.
From the hunters of the Dyrwoodan wilds to cowled wizards with a flair for the mysterious, residents of the Eastern Reach appreciate the warmth and anonymity provided by a hood.
Image Name
Helm acorn.png
Acorn Helm
Helm frog icon.png
Frog Helm
Helm full icon.png
Full Helm
Helm great icon.png
Great Helm
Helm pl helm10 conquistador icon.png
Helm mail coif icon.png
Mail Coif
Helm nasal icon.png
Nasal Helm
Helm open icon.png
Open Helm
Helm plumed icon.png
Plumed Helm
Helm ram horn icon.png
Ram Horn Helm
Helm small horn icon.png
Small Horn Helm
Helm winged icon.png
Winged Helm
Helm iron flail archer coif icon.png
Iron Flail archer coif [WM2]
Helm iron flail warlock helm icon.png
Iron Flail warlock's helm [WM2]
Helm ondrite paladin helm icon.png
Ondrite paladin helm [WM2]
Helm cl helm11 bandana icon.png
Cloth Bandana
Hat crested icon.png
Crested Hat
Hat duelist icon.png
Duelist's Hat
Hat floppy icon.png
Floppy Hat
Hat hooded turban icon.png
Hooded Turban
Hat padded cap icon.png
Padded Cap
Hat soft icon.png
Soft Hat
Hat thimble icon.png
Thimble Hat
Hat tricorne icon.png
Tricorne Hat
Hat turban icon.png
Hat ondrite monk mask icon.png
Ondrite tidalfist mask [WM2]
Hat hood icon.png
Helm cl skaen01 icon.png
Skaen Cultist Hood
Helm cl skaen initiate icon.png
Skaen Initiate's Hood
Hat woedica hood icon.png
Woedica Hood
Px1 hat fur icon.png
Tundra Hood [WM1]