Pillars of Eternity Wiki

Quest items are used to help complete quests throughout Eora in Pillars of Eternity. This page contains an automatically updated list of them.

List of quest items[]

Icon Name Quest Location
Adra disc icon.png Adra Disc [WM1]
Adra shell icon.png Adra Shell
Adra eye icon.png Adra Sphere [WM1]
Alarhis wooden cage icon.png Alarhî's Wooden Cage
Ancient engwithan weapons icon.png Ancient Engwithan Weapons
Ardas bracelet icon.png Arda's Bracelet [WM1]
Baby icon.png Baby
Rinattos money icon.png Bag of Stolen Offerings
Garodh's helm icon.png Battered Helm [WM1]
PX1 Svef Shipment icon.png Battered Shipment [WM1]
PX1 anvil relief icon.png Battery Relief Tile [WM1]
Bent cog icon.png Bent Lift Cog [WM2]
Bitter squash seeds icon.png Bitter Squash Seeds
Vial of golden cwnia icon.png Bledha's Poison
Overseer seal bloodstone icon.png Bloodstone Overseer Seal
Broken blade 2 icon.png Broken Blade (lower half)
Broken blade 1 icon.png Broken Blade (upper half)
Dragon egg quest broken egg icon.png Broken Dragon Egg
Bounty head icon.png Broodmother's Head [WM2]
Bounty head icon.png Brynlod's Head [WM2]
Stoppered vial icon.png Bubbling Antidote [WM1]
Burial isle horn mouthpiece icon.png Burial Isle Horn Mouthpiece
Magran stone icon.png Burning Stone
Fortaneros seachest icon.png Captain Fortanero's Sea Chest
Bounty head icon.png Captain Muarumi's Head
Overseer seal sapphire icon.png Caravan Master's Brooch [WM2]
Songbird cloudsinger icon.png Cloudsinger Songbird
MissingInventoryIcon 98px.png Copper Sphere
MissingInventoryIcon 98px.png Corpse of Emilo Valtas
MissingInventoryIcon 98px.png Corpse of Lord Valtas
Dragon egg quest broken egg icon.png Cracked Dragon Egg
Garodhs horn 2 icon.png Cracked Horn [WM1]
MissingInventoryIcon 98px.png Dank Spore Tentacle
Bounty head icon.png Daroth Grimault's Head
Dead priests bones icon.png Dead Priests' Bones
Bounty head icon.png Devwen's Head
Sacrificial blood potion icon.png Distilled Essence Potion
Dozens token icon.png Dozens Token
Dragon egg quest undamaged egg icon.png Dragon Egg (quest item)
MissingInventoryIcon 98px.png Drake Fire Gland
PX2 lever icon.png Dwarven Lever [WM2]
Earth prism icon.png Earth Prism
PX1 odurm chest icon.png Empty Giftbearer Chest [WM1]
Empty waterskin icon.png Empty Waterskin
Adra disc icon.png Engraved Adra Disc
Engwithan machine part icon.png Engwithan Machine Part
EngwithanGem icon.png Engwithan Relief Gem
Engwithan sceptre base icon.png Engwithan Scepter Base
Engwithan sceptre shaft icon.png Engwithan Scepter Shaft
Engwithan sceptre spike icon.png Engwithan Scepter Spike
Bounty head icon.png Exarch Lord Sserkal's Head
Ixamitl stout icon.png Fennlan Liquor [WM1]
Ferry cargo icon.png Ferry Cargo
MissingInventoryIcon 98px.png Filled Water Jug
Fire prism icon.png Fire Prism
Bounty head icon.png Firedorn's Head [WM1]
Bounty head icon.png Foemyna's Head
Forge hammer icon.png Forge Hammer [WM2]
Px2 abydons hammer fragment icon.png Fragment of Abydon's Hammer [WM2]
Full waterskin icon.png Full Waterskin
Bounty head icon.png Galen Dalgard's Head
PX1 odurm chest icon.png Giftbearer Chest [WM1]
Bounty head icon.png Glasdial's Head
Gleaming adra fragment icon.png Gleaming Adra Fragment
Peridot icon.png Glittering Green Gem
Glowing ice shard icon.png Glowing Ice Shard
Beraths bell icon.png Herbs
Bounty head icon.png High Arcanist Ysly's Head
Bounty head icon.png High Priest Thorfen's Head
MissingInventoryIcon 98px.png House Silas Emblem
PX1 totem of galawain icon.png Hunter's Totem [WM1]
PX1 ice troll heart icon.png Ice Troll Heart [WM1]
Kaenras ring icon.png Kaenra's Ring
Korgrak head icon.png Korgrak's Head
Bounty head icon.png Laenric's Head [WM1]
Bounty head icon.png Lafda's Head
Ring signet icon.png Linete's Signet Ring
Gleaming adra fragment icon.png Luminescent Adra Shard
Bounty head icon.png Meztla's Head [WM1]
Jasper icon.png Mossy Rock (quest item)
Bounty head icon.png Nalrend the Wise's Head
Bounty head icon.png Naroc the Prophet's Head
Amulet teardrop icon.png Okrun's Heirloom [WM1]
Px2 ondras witness icon.png Ondra's Witness [WM2]
PX1 Ore Detector icon.png Ore-Locating Device [WM1]
Ornate sword hilt icon.png Ornate Sword Hilt
PX2 solvent icon.png Pargrun Rust-Dissolver [WM2]
PX2 pristine cog icon.png Patinated Cog
Pearlescent orb icon.png Pearlescent Orb
Overseer seal peridot icon.png Peridot Overseer Seal
Polished pommel icon.png Polished Pommel Stone
Quarterstaff icon.png Quarterstaff (Weald of Fates)
Rain prism icon.png Rain Prism
Readceran standard icon.png Readceran Standard Piece
Potion of flame shield icon.png Repellent Tree Sap [WM2]
Ring signet icon.png Reymont Signet
Rinattos money icon.png Rinatto's Money
Bounty head icon.png Roedwith's Head [WM2]
Overseer seal sapphire icon.png Sapphire Overseer Seal
Ruby icon.png Sentimental Gem [WM2]