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In response to patch v1. to Pillars of Eternity (June 6, 2024), the random loot tables shown on the wiki have been updated. These changes may take time to propegate.

As a result, random loot data is no longer accurate to old versions of the game, including all console ports. We'll be working to provide a mechanism to switch between pre-patch and post-patch loot for console players.


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The quest-tracking journal

This page lists all quests in Pillars of Eternity and its expansions.

For a general discussion of experience earned, see Experience and Advancement.

Main quests[ | ]

The Hollowing of the Dyrwood The White March
The Hollowing of the Dyrwood is the main quest line in the game, centering on Waidwen's Legacy, its impact on the people of the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood, and the protagonists' struggle to come to terms with their status as a Watcher. The White March is an additional main quest line added by the expansion The White March - Part I and continued by the expansion The White March - Part II. It is integrated into the main campaign, so you don't have to start a separate game.
Act I

You need to solve Never Far from the Queen before the White March will start.

Act II
Part 1
Part 2
Act IV

As soon as you jump into the pit, you are unable to finish any previous quests.

See: Endings

Side quests[ | ]

These are miscellaneous quests which are not vital to the main storyline.

Quest Given by Start location Notes
A Mother's Plea Aufra Gilded ValeAufra's Home
The Smith's Shipment Tuatanu Gilded ValeBlack Hammer Smithery
Buried Secrets Wirtan Gilded ValeTemple of Eothas
Lord of a Barren Land Kolsc Gilded Vale or
Requires good reputation with Gilded Vale to trigger there or you can start it in Esternwood.
The Master Below Steward Caed NuaGreat Hall Requires completion of The Old Watcher.
A Return to Court Palace messenger Caed Nua's claim quest arc
The Battle of Yenwood Field Marshal Forwyn
The Master's Tools Tcharek Endless Paths of Od NuaLevel 12
A Voice from the Past Dalton Copperlane
His Old Self Kaenra CopperlaneThe Goose and Fox
Cinders of Faith Fyrga First FiresDucal Palace
Rise and Fall - Heritage Hill Cut content
The Wailing Banshee Niah Ondra's Gift
Supply and Demand Maea Ondra's GiftThe Salty Mast
At All Costs Verzano Ondra's GiftVailian Trading Company
The Theorems of Pandgram Nedyn Brackenbury
Far from Home Thristwn BrackenburyThe Charred Barrel
The Final Act Kurren BrackenburyHadret House No longer available after completing Act 2.
A Farmer's Plight Rumbald Dyrford Village
Blood Legacy Lord Harond Dyrford VillageDracogen Inn
The Champion of Berath Frightened villager HearthsongThe Celestial Sapling Requires completion of Lord of a Barren Land.
At the Mercy of the Tribes Cwineth
Hunter, Brother Rîdaî HearthsongThe Passage of the Six
Sacrificial Bloodlines Simoc Elms' ReachHall of Warriors
Into the White Void Rymrgand Elms' ReachTeir Evron
A Servant of Death Berath
The Nest Above the Clouds Hylea or
Casfath and Onŵen
Elms' ReachTeir Evron or
Can be received either from Hylea directly or from Casfath and Onŵen in Oldsong.
The Old Queen and the New King Galawain or
Elms' ReachTeir Evron or
OldsongGalawain's Maw
Can be received either from Galawain directly or from Desthwn.
Prison of Ice Larha OldsongGalawain's Maw

Faction quests[ | ]

The Dozens questline[ | ]

Quest Given by Start location Notes
Rogue Knight Osric CopperlaneAdmeth's Den
The Bronze Beneath the Lake Wenan Requires completion of Rogue Knight, refused if you've accepted The Changing of the Guard or Winds of Steel.

Knights of the Crucible questline[ | ]

Quest Given by Start location Notes
Built to Last Commander Clyver First FiresCrucible Keep
Winds of Steel Requires completion of Built to Last, refused if you've accepted The Bronze Beneath the Lake or The Changing of the Guard.

House Doemenel questline[ | ]

Quest Given by Start location Notes
A Two Story Job Abrecan Doemenel or
by looting Thieves' Letter
BrackenburyDoemenel Manor or
CopperlaneThieves' Hideout
Can be received directly from Abrecan Doemenel or by finding the thieves in Copperlane independently.
The Changing of the Guard Gedmar Doemenel BrackenburyDoemenel Manor Requires completion of A Two Story Job, refused if you've accepted The Bronze Beneath the Lake or Winds of Steel.

Companion quests[ | ]

Every scripted companion has a personal side-quest that you can complete together with them:

Quest Companion Start location Notes
Fragments of a Scattered Faith Edér Gilded Vale Requires completion of Visions and Whispers.
The Trials of Durance Durance Magran's Fork Appears not before starting The Old Watcher.
Time and Tide Kana Rua Caed Nua
The Long Hunt Sagani Woodend Plains
The Child of Five Suns Pallegina Ondra's Gift Requires completion of At All Costs.
Two-Sided Aloth CopperlaneCopperlane Catacombs Requires completion of Never Far from the Queen.
Dream and Memory Grieving Mother Dyrford Village
True to Form Hiravias Stormwall Gorge Talk to him after he joins party.
The One That Got Away [WM1] Devil of Caroc Durgan's BatteryGalvino's Workshop
Secrets of the Tacan [WM2] Zahua Stalwart Village Talk to him after entering [WM2] and exhausting all his dialogue options.
The Burden of Memory [WM2] Maneha

Tasks[ | ]

Tasks tend to be less complex and significant than full-fledged side quests.

Task Given by Start location Notes
Vengeance from the Grave Perly's soul ValewoodBear Cave
Late for Dinner Tenfrith or
Valewood or
Gilded ValeThe Black Hound
Can be received directly from Pasca or by rescuing Tenfrith in Valewood independently.
Against the Grain N/A Gilded Vale Started when encountering an argument between Sweynur and Trumbel.
Ferry Flotsam Peregund Madhmr Bridge
A Call to Court Palace messenger Caed Nua Received after returning to Caed Nua for the first time after visiting Defiance Bay.
Desperate Measures Thulgar Endless Paths of Od NuaLevel 3
The Blade of the Endless Paths N/A Endless Paths of Od Nua Started by finding any of the blade's pieces on level 2, 5, 9 or 12.
Seals of the Endless Paths N/A Started by finding any of the three overseer seals on level 4 or 6.
Something Secret Gordy Copperlane
The Parable of Wael Grimda CopperlaneThe Hall of Revealed Mysteries
Unwanted Eorn or
by finding Edict of arrest
CopperlaneCopperlane Catacombs or
First FiresCrucible Keep
Can be received directly from Eorn or by finding an Edict of arrest in Crucible Keep.
Missing Sentries Wyla First FiresCrucible Keep
The Forgotten Vicent Agosti First FiresVailian Embassy
Safe Haven N/A Heritage HillValtas Manor Started when encountering the undead Valtas family in Valtas Manor.
All Hands on Deck Marceno Ondra's Gift
Clandestine Cargo Imatl
Brave Derrin Derrin's soul or
Ondra's Gift or
Ondra's GiftOdda's House
Can be received directly from Odda or by finding Derrin's soul independently.
Hard Feelings Bricanta Doemenel BrackenburyDoemenel Manor
Nest Egg Hendyna Dyrford Village
Cat and Mouse Medreth or
Dyrford Village or
Dyrford VillageDracogen Inn
Can be received either from Medreth or from Nyfre.
The Sealed Missive Dying Monk Elmshore
Hard Bargain Rinatto Hearthsong
Songs of the Wild Delem Oldsong

Bounties[ | ]

Bounties are a type of task that require a target to be killed in exchange for a reward - the bounty - usually in the form of a pouchful of copper pands. They are typically given in batches.

Task Given by Start location Batch
Bounty: Sly Cyrdel Warden Fyrgen Caed NuaWarden's Lodge 1
Bounty: The Dweller 1
Bounty: Nalrend the Wise 1
Bounty: Warchief Iklak 1
Bounty: Daroth Grimault 2
Bounty: Thorfen 2
Bounty: Glasdial 2
Bounty: Songsmith Roska 2
Bounty: Foemyna 3
Bounty: Galen Dalgard 3
Bounty: Devŵen 3
Bounty: Captain Muārumi 3
Bounty: High Arcanist Ysly 4
Bounty: Naroc the Prophet 4
Bounty: Sserkal 4

The White March - Part I[ | ]

The first expansion for Pillars of Eternity. The action takes place in an abandoned dwarven stronghold, Durgan, where, as rumor has it, one can find tons of incredibly valuable artifacts.

Side quests[ | ]

Quest Given by Start location Notes
Siege of Crägholdt Steward Caed NuaGreat Hall Started by talking to Steward after receiving Durgan's Battery quest.
A Lovely Drop Reyfald Stalwart Village
Regrets Worth Trading Okrun
Overstaying His Welcome Haeferic Stalwart VillageThe Gréf's Rest
A Good Haul Feara
The Hunter's Favor Thyrsc Stalwart VillageThyrsc's House
His Better Half Ygadr's soul Longwatch Falls
The Grey Sleeper N/A Started by pulling out The Grey Sleeper from the stone.

Tasks[ | ]

Task Given by Start location Notes
The Thermal Pearl Tealdor Stalwart Village
Sacred Instruments Ista
The Fisherman's Penance Galvino Durgan's BatteryGalvino's Workshop
Garodh's Chorus N/A Durgan's BatteryGreat Hall or
RussetwoodFlames-That-Whisper Caverns
Can be received by picking up one of two pieces of the broken helm.

Bounties[ | ]

Task Given by Start location Batch
Bounty: The Gleaming Society Tealdor Stalwart Village 1
Bounty: Meztla 1
Bounty: Disciples of the True Flame 2
Bounty: Laenric 2

The White March - Part II[ | ]

The second expansion for Pillars of Eternity. The DLC continues the story started in The White March - Part I, expanding the game world with new locations and quests.

Side quests[ | ]

Quest Given by Start location Notes
Iron and Flame Masca Stalwart VillageTemple of Abydon
Whispers in the Dark Foreman Ismey Stalwart VillageStalwart Mines
Ready the Cannons Deryan Stalwart Village
The Phylactery's Promise Ogne Requires completion of both, the Siege of Crägholdt and The Iron Flail.

Tasks[ | ]

Task Given by Start location Notes
Wild Mylla Royse Stalwart Village
Risk Tolerance Tarfos
Bleak Oath Kern Stalwart VillageThe Gréf's Rest
Bogged Down Herla Mowrghek Îen

Bounties[ | ]

Task Given by Start location Batch
Bounty: The Terror of Whitestone Hollow Asca Stalwart Village 1
Bounty: Magran's Faithful 1
Bounty: Redwater Lagufaeth 2
Bounty: Brynlod 2