Pillars of Eternity Wiki

Traps are both hazards and usable items in Pillars of Eternity.

Hostile traps are invisible by default. The mechanics skill is used to spot and disarm hostile traps. Being in scouting mode lowers the difficulty check for spotting a trap.

Disabling a hostile trap will add it to the inventory. Traps may be placed in quick slots and laid by the party. Each party member may only have one trap laid at a time. Your party will not trigger a trap you place but will probably be injured by the effects of an area trap.

There is no mechanics check for recovering a trap you placed.

Most traps have a significant accuracy penalty, but each point of mechanics adds +3 to trap accuracy.

List of traps[]

Icon Name Effect Accuracy Disarm Difficulty Value
Trap darts icon.png Dart Trap 10-13 Pierce Damage -5 vs Deflection 25Copper pands (cp)
Trap fan flames icon.png Fan of Flames Trap Fan of Flames: 15-21 Burn Damage -5 vs Reflex 25Copper pands (cp)
Trap arrow icon.png Arrow Trap 20-27 Pierce Damage -10 vs Deflection 50Copper pands (cp)
Trap darts hail icon.png Hail of Darts Trap AoE 10-13 Pierce Damage -10 vs Deflection 50Copper pands (cp)
Trap fireball icon.png Fireball Trap Fireball: AoE 13-17 Burn Damage -15 vs Reflex 75Copper pands (cp)
Trap darts poison icon.png Poison Dart Trap 10-13 Pierce Damage, Weakened for 7s -15 vs Deflection 75Copper pands (cp)
Trap tanglefoot icon.png Tanglefoot Trap Tanglefoot: AoE Hobbled for 3s -15 vs Reflex 75Copper pands (cp)
Trap infestation of spiders icon.png Infestation of Spiders Trap [WM2] 22-38 Pierce Damage, -5 Constitution for 20s, Hobbled and Frightened for 10s. +10 vs Fortitude 12 75Copper pands (cp)
Trap bounding icon.png Bounding Missiles Trap Minoletta's Bounding Missiles: 10-16 x3 Pierce Damage -20 vs Deflection 100Copper pands (cp)
Trap noxious icon.png Noxious Burst Trap Noxious Burst: 15-20 Corrode Damage, Sickened for 5s -20 vs Fortitude 100Copper pands (cp)
Trap boiling icon.png Boiling Spray Trap Boiling Spray: 13-17 Burn Damage, 2m Push -25 Reflex 7 125Copper pands (cp)
Trap malignant icon.png Malignant Cloud Trap Malignant Cloud: 3-9 Raw Damage -25 vs Fortitude 125Copper pands (cp)
Trap pestilent cloud icon.png Pestilent Cloud Trap [WM2] AoE 15-20 Corrode Damage, Unconscious for 3s -25 vs Fortitude 13 125Copper pands (cp)
Trap concussive icon.png Concussive Missiles Trap Minoletta's Concussive Missiles: AoE 10-18 x5 Crush Damage -25 vs Deflection 150Copper pands (cp)
Trap freezing icon.png Freezing Pillar Trap Ninagauth's Freezing Pillar: AoE 8-20 Freeze Damage, if successful Hobbled for 3s -30 vs Reflex & Fortitude 6 150Copper pands (cp)
Trap gaze adragan icon.png Gaze of the Adragan Trap Gaze of the Adragan: Petrified for 3s -30 vs Fortitude 9 150Copper pands (cp)
Trap storm of holy fire icon.png Storm of Fire Trap [WM1] Storm of Holy Fire: AoE 16-24 Burn Damage for ?s +10 vs Reflex 150Copper pands (cp)
Trap chain lightning icon.png Chain Lightning Trap Chain Lightning: 10-17 Shock Damage, jumps up to 6 targets -35 vs Reflex 7-10 175Copper pands (cp)
Trap pillar holy icon.png Pillar of Holy Fire Trap Pillar of Holy Fire: AoE 33-40 Burn Damage -35 vs Reflex 175Copper pands (cp)
Trap tayns chaotic orb icon.png Chaotic Orb Trap [WM1] Tayn's Chaotic Orb: 15-25 Crush Damage, if successful Petrified for 2 sec, Paralyzed for 3 sec, Weakened for 6 sec, Sickened for 7 sec, Stunned for 4 sec, Blinded for 5 sec +10 vs Deflection & Will 12 200Copper pands (cp)
Trap ninagauths killing bolt icon.png Killing Bolt Trap [WM1] Ninagauth's Killing Bolt: 75 Raw Damage +10 vs Deflection 14 200Copper pands (cp)
Trap poison cloud icon.png Poisonous Cloud Trap AoE 15-20 Corrode Damage -30 vs Fortitude 11 200Copper pands (cp)
Trap sunlance icon.png Sunlance Trap Sunlance: 25-40 Pierce Damage, +25% as Burn -40 vs Deflection 12-14 200Copper pands (cp)
Trap wilting wind icon.png Wilting Wind Trap [WM2] Wilting Wind: 50-60 Raw Damage, Weakened for 12s +10 vs Fortitude 200Copper pands (cp)
Trap freezing rake icon.png Freezing Rake Trap [WM2] Kalakoth's Freezing Rake: 60-75 Freeze Damage, if successful Weakened and Hobbled for 12s +15 vs Reflex & Fortitude 200Copper pands (cp)