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Unique armor can be found in the game in fixed locations or as quest rewards.


Light armorEdit

Name Base DR Enhancements Value Location
Robes (recovery speed -15%)
Durance's Robe 3 540  Durance's starting armor
Raiment of Wael's Eyes 3 340  Yduran's Wares in Stalwart [WM1]
Rundl's Finery 3 540  Given by Thulgar, at the end of Desperate Measures, Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 3
Starlit Garb 7 640  Hidden stash in middle Glanfathan dwelling, Elms' Reach
Gwisk Glas 9 1,140  Lord Exarch Sserkal, Pearlwood Bluff
Padded armors (recovery speed -20%)
Angio's Gambeson 6 540  Sold by Winfrith's Arms and Armory, Dyrford Village
Elryn's Jacket 8 1,040  Trapped chest in Brute Quarters, Luminescent Caves, Stalwart Mines, Stalwart Village [WM2]
Jack of Wide Waters 8 540  Top floor of the lighthouse in Ondra's Gift.
Vengiatta Rugia 10 840  Endless Paths of Od Nua, Level 15
Hide armors (recovery speed -25%)
Blaidh Golan 7 440  Caedman Azo's laboratory in the Sanitarium
Maneha's Armor 7
  • Fine: +2 Damage Reduction
  • Speed: +1 Move Speed
  • Healing Bonus: +25% Healing received
640  Maneha's starting armour
Seven Skuldr's-Worth 9 740  Sold by Larha inside Galawain's Maw in Oldsong
Husk of the Great Western Stag 9 940  Sold by Azzuro
Wayfarer's Hide 11 940  Hidden treasure in Flames-That-Whisper Lower Cavern.

Medium armorEdit

Name Base DR Enhancements Value Location
Leather armors (recovery speed -30%)
Aloth's Leather Armor 6
  • +10% Ability Area of Effect
140  Aloth's starting armor
Rebel's Call 6 340  Purchased from Azzuro, the rare items Stronghold merchant
Kerdhed Pames 8 840  Sold by Derwn in Hearthsong Market
Night-Runner 8 440  Given by Nyfre in Dracogen Inn, Dyrford Village for the task Cat and Mouse, or looted from her corpse
Scale armors (recovery speed -35%)
Pike's Pride 7 340  Igrun's Arms and Armor, Copperlane District (Marketplace), Defiance Bay
Saint's War Armor 7 240  Edér's starting armor
Hirbel's Protective Skin 9 540  Drafden's corpse, Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 6
Autumn Fire 11 940  Falanroed, Black Meadow, The Master Below
Scales of the Raven 11 740  Reward from Prison of Ice
The Golden Scales 13 1,140  Looted from Commander Baelorin at Cragholdt Bluffs [WM1]
Breastplates (recovery speed -40%)
Hand and Key 10 440  Corpse, center of the map, Endless Paths Level 2
Pallegina's Breatplate 10 340  Pallegina's Breastplate
Elardh Dwr 12 740  Naroc the Prophet, Cilant Lîs, during Bounty: Naroc the Prophet
Osric's Family Breastplate 12 540  Refuse to give it to Osric during Rogue Knight
Ryona's Breastplate 12 - 14

1,240  Corpse in Isolated Pedestal, Whitestone Hollow [WM2]
Mail armors (recovery speed -45%)
Sun-Touched Mail of Hyran Rath 9 340  Parable of Wael reward
Hunter's Mail 11 540  Found at a corpse in Mowrghek Îen [WM2]
Wurmwull 11 540  Sold by Azzuro
Lost Meadow Mail 13 540  Sold by Derwn in Hearthsong Market

Heavy armorEdit

Name Base DR Enhancements Value Location
Brigandines (recovery speed -50%)
Äru-Brekr 10 (13 vs Crush, 8 vs Corrode)
  • +1 Move Speed
  • +10 Deflection against ranged attacks
340  Dodwyna (Built to Last quest), Abandoned House, Ondra's Gift, Defiance Bay
Coat of Ill Payment 14 940  Thorfen, Esternwood (Bounty: Thorfen quest)
Heldrik's Coat 14 (18 vs Crush, 17 vs Freeze, 11 vs Corrode) 640  Dunstan, Crucible Keep Armory, Crucible Keep, Defiance Bay
The Colored Coat 14 1,040  Hamond, Hamond's Emporium, Stalwart Village [WM2]
Plate armors (recovery speed -50%)
Argwes Adra 14 600  Drop from an unique fampyr in Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 8
He Carries Many Scars 14 600  The Champion of Berath Quest
Sanguine Plate 14 700  Drop from The Forgotten leader during "The Forgotten" quest
White Crest Armor 16 900  Reward for Regrets Worth Trading [WM1]