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|Recovery Speed = -50%
|Recovery Speed = -50%
|Value = 200cp

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Plate Armor
Item Type Unknown
Base DR 12
Elemental DR Burn: 12
Freeze: 12
Shock: 6
Corrode: 12
Slash: 18
Pierce: 12
Crush: 12
Recovery Speed Unknown
Value Unknown

Plate armor is a type of armor in Pillars of Eternity.

Ingame description

The heaviest armor in regular use by adventurers and soldiers, plate armor protects its wearers from all but the most severe blows. It is comprised of three layers: the base padding, a suit of mail, and the top layer of steel plates.

Types of Plate Armor

Image Name Damage Threshold Enhancements Notes
Plate-armor.jpg Plate armor 12 none base plate armor
Sanguine Plate 12 Slash DT + 4
Retialiate when attacked in melee
Fine-plate-armor.jpg Fine Plate Armor 14 DT + 2
He-carries-many-scars.jpg He Carries Many Scars 14 DT + 2
1.5xDT when under 25% stamina
Constitution + 1
Armor-plate-exquisite.jpg Exceptional Plate armor 16 DT + 4
Argwes Adra 16 DT + 4
Shock DT + 4
Crush DT + 4
BronzePlateArmor.JPG Bronze plate Worn by animats


  • Damage Threshold and the amount of the shock weakness are temporary values and will likely change during development.
  • To tell male and female characters apart plate armor worn by female characters always has flared tassets and plate armor worn by male characters emphasizes pauldrons and belly bulge more.