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Plucked Fruit is a task in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


The last of the Tikawara tribe's koiki fruit is missing. Mukūmu believes that Tamau stole it, but Tamau insists he's innocent.


Talk to the pair of aumaua at the center staircase at Tikawara to learn that the man strung-up on the pole is a Roparu by the name of Tamau. Tamau is accused of stealing the last of the tribe's koīki fruit, a scarce and exotic commodity which was to be used in the upcoming harvest festival. Mukūmu will agree to any and all assistance in finding the lost fruit.

  • If you bring Maia or Tekehu along, they will exchange unique dialogue with the pair.
  • If you already found the Dried Koīki Fruit, you can give it to Mukūmu straight away, who has no further doubts that it was Tamau who stole the fruit. You can say nothing as he cuts Tamau free, or ask that you do a bit more investigating before he concludes that it was Tamau.

Your objective is to find the missing Dried Koīki Fruit. Note that you can skip the investigation entirely and find the fruit hidden in the southwestern corner of the beach.

  • Question the ersatz-decoration as to his involvement. Mukūmu paints him out to be the most shifty, untrustworthy character in the Deadfire. Tamau doesn't deny it, but notes that all of the Roparu starve and their ranga has misled his people. He says that he didn't steal the fruit, but wishes he did so.
  • Head to Pekeho. He will maintain that he saw Tamau skulking around the drying hut and states that he brought him before Mukūmu. Make him confess that he gave a false testimony:
    • Bluff 4, followed by Insight 3 - Bait Pekeho with a leading question.
    • Perception 15 - "Did you actually see Tamau with any koīki?" - if you passed the check, say "You look awfully nervous, Pekeho.".
    • "Can you think of anything that might help me find the koīki fruit?"
    He will then say that Mukūmu planned to use the fruit as an offering, which is incorrect.
    "Actually, Mukūmu told me the koīki were for a harvest festival."
  • Unfortunately, Pekeho didn't steal the fruit - he just accused an innocent man to remove an alleged leech from the tribe.
  • Head to the drying hut in the northeast, near the chieftain's hut. Grab the Stained Kaora Reeds laying nearby. Open the description page of the reeds and "inspect" it. They are the same kind as used by basket weavers.
  • Head to the Kuaru Hut, or the trading post, and interrogate Rongi.
    • Insight 3 allows you to point out that he isn't particularly concerned by Tamau's fate. Then, with Rogue: Trickster or Insight 5 you can ask if he would think differently if Tamau was innocent, though this won't get you anywhere.
    • If you have the stolen fruit, you can show it to him to make him confess.
    • If you inspected the reeds, you can question Rongi about it. He will confess with Bluff 7, or Intimidate 8 + Intellect 14.
  • If you succeeded in making Rongi confess, he will tell you that he stole the fruit and hid it on the beach so that the last of the fruit wouldn't be wiped out in the harvest festival, saying that the seeds within can be used for another crop of fruit - to benefit and feed the tribe in the long term. He will beg you not to speak a word of this to Mukūmu and offer Copper pands (cp)400 if pressed for a reward. Pick up the Dried Koīki Fruit in the southwestern corner the beach and return to Mukūmu.
  • Optionally: Read Rongi's Journal in a chest in the central Kuaru hut, secretly. Being found touching the chest will lose you Moderate reputation with Tikawara. You'll find out that he often go to the beach at night.
    • OR: Speak with Wehata, she will tell you Rongi goes to the shore at night.
    • Then wait until late at night and follow him to the southwestern corner of the beach. Once there, talk to him and use Intimidate 4, Ranger class, or Bluff 5 to get him to spill the beans. Or simply pick up the koīki and ask him about it. Once he confessed, bring the koīki back to Mukūmu.
Return to Mukūmu
  • You can:
    • Implicate/frame Tamau as the thief, and take comfort in the fact that his death is a sacrifice for bettering the tribe in the long term.
    • Confess that it was Rongi and free Tamau as he is innocent.
    • Neither frame Tamau nor denounce Rongi. This lets Mukümu make his own moral decision...
  • Either way, you receive 3x Potion of Deftness bottles and 20x Azata Nui Shell (Copper pands (cp)100). It is assumed that the thief is cast to the sea; at the conclusion of the quest, either Tamau's or Rongi's body will be floating in the water just north of the pier where the Watcher's ship is docked.
  • If you framed Tamau, you can return to Rongi to get his thoughts and vice versa.


ID Objectives
0 Plucked Fruit
10000 The last of the tribe's koīki fruit is missing. Mukūmu believes that Tamau stole it, but Tamau insists he's innocent.
1 Investigate the missing koīki fruit around the village on Tikawara.
10001 The fisherman Pekeho caught Tamau stealing koīki. Mukūmu wants the rest of the missing fruit found.

I may be able to learn more by talking to Tamau and Pekeho.

20011 Pekeho wasn't very forthcoming with information. He seems to particularly dislike Tamau, so there could be a deeper grudge at play.
20008 Pekeho admits that Tamau did not steal the koīki. He mentioned that the fruit was kept in a drying hut north of the ranga's home.
20002 Tamau maintains his innocence. He mentioned that the koīki was stored in the drying hut north of the ranga's home.
20012 I found a kaora reed by the drying hut. It looks to have been stained by some sort of juice.
20009 The kaora reed I found is apparently used in weaving.
20005 Rongi acted particularly dismissive of Tamau's possible innocence. It might be worth keeping an eye on him.
20003 Rongi, the basket weaver, goes down to the beach every midnight. No one knows why.
20010 Rongi admitted to stealing the koīki fruit. He said it's buried on the beach.
2 Return the koīki fruit to Mukūmu in the village.
10002 I found the stolen koīki fruit hidden on the beach.

Mukūmu will be glad to see it recovered, but he'll also want to know who's to blame.

20007 Rongi stole the koīki fruit in order to harvest the seeds. He begged me to help him incriminate Tamau, giving the seeds a chance to grow.
End states
Yes 30000 I framed Tamau for the theft of the koīki fruit.
Yes 30001 I blamed Rongi for the theft of the koīki fruit.
- 30002 Rongi knew I'd discovered his stash of koīki fruit. He must have moved the stash and talked to Mukūmu, because Tamau has been executed for the theft.
No 30003 Someone critical to the completion of this quest has been killed.