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Port Maje is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Founded in 2750 AI, Port Maje is one of the Vailian Trading Company's oldest colonies in the Deadfire Archipelago. It was the first step towards establishing a presence in the Deadfire Archipelago, representing a permanent stake in the region. In time, Port Maje became a major waypoint for ships sailing to more prosperous frontiers. Though it is not grand in stature compared to later Vailian settlements, it sits on well-established trade routes from the Eastern Reach and is a common stopping point for ships in the region. It has a close, if often fraught, relationship with the nearby Huana village of Sātahuzi. In particular, border friction is a problem, as the Huana have a very different concept of land ownership compared to the foreigners.

As of 2328 AI, Port Maje and Sātahuzi are home to 3,200 kith. The major religions are Ondra, Woedica, and Eothas. The towns import wheat, silk, leather, cotton textiles, animancy equipment, and marble, while exporting local goods like palm oil, vorlas, arrack, rice, fish, and Engwithan relics. The Port itself is governed by a chartered ducal governorship (currently governor Giasces Clario). The racial composition of the Port is 51% island aumaua, 45% ocean folk, and 4% other races.

In recent times the Huana proved to be instrumental in alleviating the crisis related to the flood caused by excavations at the Engwithan Digsite. Storm Speaker Ikawha's forces kept the peace, even as homeless citizens and stranded merchants filled the beleaguered town. A secondary concern - or primary, for VTC's governor - is the fact that their luminous adra refinery in the eastern part of the island, the main reason for Port Maje's continued existence, has gone dark in the wake of Eothas' passing. He needs someone to both pacify the colonists and investigate the sudden silence on Mestre Oderisi's part.