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Port Maje harbor is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Located by the sea, Port Maje harbor is the hub of commerce for the entire island and hosts Governor Clario's Estate.

Points of interest[]

  • The first town you visit and a crucial step towards finding Eothas. Enter the town and approach the center to find an official beleaguered by the people of Port Maje demanding answers from Governor Clario, with the local Huana representative butting in. After being mistaken for a pirate, you're invited to the governor's mansion and free to run about.
  • The nearby camp belongs to the Dawnstars and you can recruit Xoti and receive a blessing from Waenglith there.
  • Rinco's Home and Captain Darmo are just by the platform in the plaza.
  • The Kraken's Eye is in the southeastern corner, offering rooms and board.
  • The central market is staffed by Henric.
  • The trading post and the local fishmonger are out by the docs.
  • The local jail is in the northeastern corner.
  • The Governor Clario's Estate sits on the hill overlooking the plaza.



During The Courier's Calling

After Burning Bridges

  • Mokeha, tied to a post in the town square as punishment - only if she is convinced to hand herself in during the quest.

After completing The Better Man

  • Galian and some of his crew appear by the port, getting ready to leave the island for Neketaka.

After successfully leading him out of the Old City