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Prologue is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Eothas has awoken beneath Caed Nua and destroyed the castle five years after the defeat of Thaos. Among the devastation, the Watcher remains on the brink of death as his soul is pulled by Berath into a special audience - the gods need the Watcher's help.


  • This is the prologue and you cannot fail it (it is not technically a quest). Follow the luminous path to the end, until you come across the pillar of adra. Beyond you will meet the Usher, who will usher you into a chamber where the Pallid Knight sits. She will explain your situation, that Eothas awoke, snatched a part of your soul, and that you're needed by the gods to tie off the bloody stump that is the Dead God. She will then offer you the ability to confirm your past.
  • Apart from six pre-made legacies, you can import your endgame save at this point. To do so, it must be located in Pillars save game directory (this is automatic if you have Steam and Pillars of Eternity installed). The game will helpfully mark the choices you make.
  • You may choose to defy Berath and say that you won't work with the gods under any circumstances, in which case you will be returned to the in-between and you will progress to an ending.
  • If you agree with Berath you wiill progress to character creation, where you can remake your character from scratch (the game doesn't import your character automatically). After you (re)create your character, follow the path to the captain's quarters on The Defiant - and Edér.
  • Of course, your ship comes immediately under attack by pirates as soon as you wake up. Eld Engrim runs in, reeking of alcohol to inform you of that sad fact of life in the Deadfire. The man in question is Benweth, a jumped-up sailor with delusions of grandeur. No matter what you say, you need to fight the enemy boarders. After either they're dead or you're knocked out, the scripted interaction starts. You first need to decide whether to save Chitupec or a crate of salvage from Caed Nua (the crate contains Killer's Gloves, Oil of Allure, and a Thief's Putty).
  • You get a glance of Eothas walking in the distance as the Defiant beaches itself on an island.


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