Psalm to Woedica

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Psalm to Woedica
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Psalm to Woedica is a book in Pillars of Eternity, it is about the deity Woedica.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Ye exiles, ye broken, fear not the vengeance of the Burned Queen
She watches from her throne, ever vigilant.
She hears the oath thou doth speak at her altar.
She hears the oath thou doth speak in thine home.
She hears the oath thou doth speak in the dark.
For ye who would keep thy word, thou shalt escape the justice of her gaze.

Beware, ye liars, ye unfaithful.
Beware, ye with a hardened heart.
Beware, for the eye of Woedica will not be blinded.
She hears the sundered oath.
She is not fooled by the winding path.
She attends the broken promise.
She sees the deceiver.
There is no shadow too dark. Her gaze will find thee. Her justice will not be restrained.

The fires of justice will never be quenched.
The throne will crack
The law will burn
But the queen that was always will be.
Speak not an untruth or thy tongue will be bound .
Remember thy place.
Remember thine oath.
Remember thy queen.