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Quarantined Section is a location in The Forgotten Sanctum.


A section of the grand library devoted to Wael and maintained by the Hand Occult, currently experiencing a slight problem related to an infestation of dank spores.

Points of interest[]

  • The section is relatively straightforward. The eastern wing contains a chamber with Maura's tentacles reminding you that you're hot on their trail, with a number of artifacts recovered from historical locations across Eora, including a rifle from the Evon Dewr bridge and materials from Durgan's Battery. It also contains a trapped chest with an unique wand (which also spawns two enchanted suits of armor) and a special armor standing near the corpse of the mage. The armor bears an Amulet of Animation that can be identified with Arcana 15/Wizard class/Trickster subclass and then effaced with Arcana 20, which allows for breaking the enchantment and collecting the Crimson Panoply and matching Crimson Plate Helm without fighting the armor first.
  • The northeastern chamber contains infested librarians and more spores.
  • The pattern continues throughout the rest of the area, except for the northwestern chamber, with a giant luminous spore that's apparently the fruit of the first Llengrath's research. The exit to the central area of the library is to the southeast, but requires finding a key first. The key is dropped by the giant spore.
  • A special area is accessed through the exit to the west, which leads to an isolated chamber in the Restricted Section, with Notnok.


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