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Rännig's Wrath is a rapier in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Since its inception, the Vailian dueling society Colligia me Definsia Mutio generally restricted membership to citizens of the Republics. An exception was made when the legendary Aedyran duelist Rännig Daecia petitioned to join. He was ushered into the ranks of the Vailian elite and amazed onlookers and opponents alike with breathtaking displays of swordsmanship. His contemporaries noted that he never fought with any embellishment or grandeur. Rather, he displayed a flawless mastery of fundamental techniques.

Rännig was gracious in victory and humble in defeat, although the latter is only speculation. According to the society's records, he never lost a bout. Even his rapier was without pretention, lacking the filigree and finery of most Vailian weapons, though his compatriots did not hold that against him. He maintained the weapon meticulously and kept it polished to a mirror shine.



Mod Effect Cost Ingredients Mod removed
Flanking +10% Damage against targets affected by Flanked effects Copper pands (cp)3,000 1 1 1
Insistence 10% chance to recover immediately when missed by an attack with Melee weapons Copper pands (cp)3,000 1 1 1
Redoublement +1 Penetration for 5.0 sec on Critical Hit Copper pands (cp)3,000 1 1 1
Retreat +10 Deflection for 5.0 sec when critically hit with weapons Copper pands (cp)3,000 1 1 1