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Raedric VII is a thayn and lord of the Gilded Vale, who resides in Raedric's Hold beyond the Esternwood in Pillars of Eternity.


Flanked by a host of guards, all of whom regard you with mute hostility, Lord Raedric VII observes you from his throne, clad in ornate plate. His eyes have a hollow quality, and there is a pallor to the man's gaunt face that leaves his features showing stark against his dark and unkempt hair. There is a dagger discarded upon one stone arm of the throne. A thin, crimson rivulet worms its way down from the blade and past Raedric's fingers, even as he leans forward to regard you with a piercing gaze.

Raedriv VII is the descendant of the proud Aedyran house of Raedric that allied itself with the Dyrwood during the War of Defiance, receiving Gilded Vale and surrounding lands as their own. He was once a stern, but benevolent ruler and a devout follower of Eothas. However, the events of the Saint's War have turned him away from his faith. Worse, the wheat blight and the Hollowborn plague convinced him that the utter destruction of Eothasian followers was necessary, turning him into a bloodthirsty zealot.

As expected, his rule became tyrannical, with the mighty tree in the heart of the village turned into an improvised gallows. As time passed and the crisis worsened, more and more people wound up hanging from its branches, for a variety of transgressions the lord deemed worthy of capital punishment. When his wife, Ygrid, became pregnant, his madness reached a critical point. Moving heaven and earth to somehow ensure his wife gave birth to a healthy child with an intact soul, he wound up attracting all manner of animancers... Nearly all of whom were hanged when they couldn't provide a reliable solution. His cousin, Kolsc, decided to kill his cousin and establish a more reasonable ruler over the domain of the Vale.


You cannot imagine the power bestowed upon me. I feel the touch of the gods. My faith is a font from which I draw life. My wrath is a sweeping flame. And you will burn this day.

An armored figure strides forward. In place of its eyes, great flames burn, emanating heat and light. In that orange glow you can see that the face beneath has succumbed to rot - the cheeks sunken, the lips pulled back over gray gums and decaying teeth. But it is unmistakably Raedric who stands before you. If the Watcher disposed of Raedric, then Berath will return him to this world as a death guard in return for his zeal and faith. The resulting monster will set about putting things to rights, unless the Watcher intervenes and kills him. Again.


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This character is involved in quests.

Lord of a Barren Land


  • If you previously met Kolsc and took part in his plans to bring down Raedric VII he will address you as a pawn of Kolsc and open lots of different options for you to choose and learn more about the conflict.
    • If you SNEAKED all the way up to Raedric he will act surprised at your infiltration skills (Also there will be 1 Champion of Berath less to fight).
    • If you had a couple of fights he will comment on your strength and skill.
    • If you made your way via the front gate and killed either Osrya or the Captain of the Guard, he will comment that he was expecting an army (Also there will be 1 Champion of Berath more to fight).
    • If you are Godlike Race he will comment that you are a chosen of Berath and question Kolsc intentions.
    • If you are either a Dwarf or an Orlan he will be amazed that you were able to made your way to the throne room.
    • If you have a Adventurer/Mercenary/Raider background he will comment on Kolsc army.
    • If you have Perception 12+ you can comment some elements around the throne room.
    • If you examined the body laying on a bed near the throne room you can comment on his cruelty.
    • If you are a Priest of Eothas and cleared the Temple at Gilded Vale you can comment on his actions and repercussions. This will enrage him and he will attack you.
    • If you are a Goldpact Knight Paladin you may immediately change sides with Raedric asking for a better reward on Kolsc head.
    • If you are a Darcozzi Paladini Paladin you can criticize his actions and attack him immediately.
After this conversation you can either ATTACK him or JOIN him. Depending on your conversation the reward for Lord of a Barren Land will slightly change.
  • Raedric will ATTACK you immediately if you have BAD reputation on Gilded Vale and massacred everyone at the castle (killing him with yield a MODERATE GOOD reputation at Gilded Vale ).
  • If you avoided Kolsc and either infiltrated/fought your way through the hold he will act surprised to see you.
    • If you infiltrated and made a deal with Osrya you may tell him that you are on his side.
  • The Champion of Berath: Killing Raedric will trigger this quest, available once Twin Elms are unlocked.

Other interactions[]

  • If you ignore Lord of a Barren Land quest and make your way to Defiance Bay and hear about the reward on Kolsc, you may hunt his cousin at Esternwood. After you defeat Kolsc you will be immediately transported to Raedric's Hold and he will praise your efforts and give you a petty reward.