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Disambig.png This article is about the weapon type in Pillars of Eternity. For the weapon type in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, see Rapiers (Deadfire).

Rapiers are one-handed melee weapons in Pillars of Eternity. They are fast, and deal a moderate amount of Pierce damage.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Light and fast, rapiers are precise weapons favored by urban duelists. They are not known for being especially powerful, but a skilled wielder can rely on rapiers to accurately land blows.

List of rapiers[]

Icon Name Damage Value Enchantments
Rapier icon.png Rapier 9-13 5Copper pands (cp)
Rapier fine icon.png Fine Rapier 10-15 205Copper pands (cp)
Rapier fortanero icon.png Fortanero's Rapier
10-15 205Copper pands (cp)
Rapier spelltongue icon.png Spelltongue [WM1]
9-13 305Copper pands (cp)
Rapier backer mosquito icon.png Mosquito
10-15 405Copper pands (cp)
Rapier exceptional icon.png Exceptional Rapier 12-17 405Copper pands (cp)
Measured restraint icon.png Measured Restraint
10-15 505Copper pands (cp)
Rapier of daenysis icon.png Sword of Daenysis
10-15 705Copper pands (cp)
Rapier vierinas leaves icon.png Vierina's Leaves
13-19 805Copper pands (cp)