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Renengild is the mayor of Stalwart in The White March - Part I.

She can be found in Renengild's House in Stalwart Village.


The leader of Stalwart, or rather, what remains of it before its seemingly inevitable descent into oblivion. Renengild is determined to bring her village back to greatness, or at least an approximation thereof, by accessing and securing the bounty of Durgan's Battery. She remembers the stories of how the Pargrun dwarves transformed the White March ones and hopes to repeat that feat by securing the fortress and the White Forge for her people.

She traveled all over Eir Glanfath and the Dyrwood in her younger days, learning her trade as a builder, but always returning to Stalwart. It was during one of her stays in 2813 AI that she witnessed how Grynde, the head of the fishery, led a mob to lynch Cyneheod, the mayor of Stalwart, for permitting Galvino to create the Devil of Caroc. Although her first instinct was to flee with her son and husband, Uldric's reaction to the scene and the violence about to unfold reminded Renengild of the Eothasian purges. She stepped before the mob and demanded that they stop, ordering Cyneheod into exile instead of hanging from the branch of the nearest tree.

Although she never intended to do it, she became his natural replacement and in time, adapted to her new-found role. She realized then that while Stalwart may be hopeless, her villagers, filled with fear simmering just under the surface, could not be abandoned.

At the start of the White March Part 2 story-line, she retires and is succeeded as mayor by Tarfos.


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The Ogre Matron
The Recluse of the White March

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Durgan's Battery