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This article is about faction and local reputation. For personal reputation, see Disposition. For companion reputation, see Companion relationship.

Reputation is the opinion of the public toward a person or a group of people. In Pillars of Eternity, you have a reputation with various factions and individual communities you encounter, which can be positive, negative or mixed reputation.

There are many different factions and communities in the Eastern Reaches, and you can develop a distinct relationship with each one. Your reputation changes based on actions you make towards each faction/community, and their current conflicts. Reputation can be modified in 3 ways: by completing quests, making certain dialogue choices, and by attacking members of that reputation (the latter of which, of course, always results in negative reputation.) You can see what dialogue options will result in a reputation change if "Show Personality/Reputation" is enabled. Note that this is automatically disabled if you are playing in expert mode.

Reputation has no inherent benefits or drawbacks (other than improving prices at faction vendors), but there are quests and dialogue options that change depending on the player's reputation. For example, one way to progress through Fragments of a Scattered Faith is by having a high enough reputation with Defiance Bay.

Ranks[ | ]

PE2 Character Sheet Reputations

The reputation tab in the character sheet window of Deadfire. The upper semicircle represents both major (inner) and minor (outer) faction reputation. The circle around the faction icon has 3 bars on either side, the left hand side in red represents negative reputation and the right in blue represents positive reputation. The small circle underneath the faction icon shows the current rank type and value, blue for good, red for bad, and purple for mixed.

There are three types of reputations you can have with a faction: positive, negative (good, bad in Deadfire), and mixed. Losing reputation and gaining reputation don't cancel each other out, but instead are tracked separately. If your positive and negative reputation are around the same, your overall reputation will be mixed.

In addition to the type of reputation, there is also a rank, showing how well your reputation is received. The ranks are as follows:

Positive Reputation

  • Ally (Faintly Good)
  • Hero (Moderately Good)
  • Champion (Overwhelmingly Good)

Mostly Positive Reputation (some negative)

  • Friend (Somewhat Good)
  • Defender (Extremely Good)

Negative Reputation

  • Troublemaker (Faintly Bad)
  • Villain (Moderately Bad)
  • Terror (Overwhelmingly Bad)

Mostly Negative Reputation (some positive)

  • Rascal (Somewhat Bad)
  • Scoundrel (Extremely Bad)

Mixed Reputation

  • Neutral
  • Eccentric (Faintly Mixed)
  • Oddity (Somewhat Mixed)
  • Merciful Brute (Moderately Mixed)
  • Dark Hero (Extremely Mixed)
  • Maniac (unused)

Rank overview[ | ]

Positive Negative Rank type Rank Shown as
Index Range* Index Range* In poe1 In poe2
0 0-15% 0 0-15% Default 1 - -
1 15-50% Bad 1 Troublemaker -1
2 50-100% Bad 3 Villain -3
3 >= 100% Bad 5 Terror -5
1 15-50% 0 0-15% Good 1 Ally 1
1 15-50% Mixed 1 Eccentric 1
2 50-100% Bad 2 Rascal -2
3 >= 100% Bad 4 Scoundrel -4
2 50-100% 0 0-15% Good 3 Hero 3
1 15-50% Good 2 Friend 2
2 50-100% Mixed 2 Oddity 2
3 >= 100% Mixed 3 Merciful Brute 3
3 >= 100% 0 0-15% Good 5 Champion 5
1 15-50% Good 4 Defender 4
2 50-100% Mixed 3/4 Merciful Brute 4
3 >= 100% Mixed 4/5 Dark Hero 5
* Note that ranges are lower limit inclusive and upper limit exclusive.

Calculating rank[ | ]

Your overall rank is calculated using your positive reputation, negative reputation, and the reputation "scale" of the faction. As explained below, larger factions require that you complete more reputation-altering actions in order to achieve a rank that would otherwise be achieved in less actions in a smaller faction. Note that this is the same for both Pillars of Eternity and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

First, a reputation percentage of both your positive and negative reputation score is calculated.

Positive rep percentage = Positive reputation / Faction scale
Negative rep percentage = Negative reputation / Faction scale

Each of these is translated into an index given the following thresholds. Note that the percentage ranges are lower limit inclusive and upper limit exclusive.

Reputation index
Value range (of 50) Percentage range Percentage raw Index
0 to 7 0.00 to 0.15 >= 0.00 0
8 to 24 0.15 to 0.50 >= 0.15 1
25 to 49 0.50 to 1.00 >= 0.50 2
> 50 >= 1.00 >= 1.00 3

Finally, a lookup is used to determine the overall rank given the positive and negative reputation index.

Reputation ranks
Index Positive reputation index
0 1 2 3
0 Default Good1 Good3 Good5
1 Bad1 Mixed1 Good2 Good4
2 Bad3 Bad2 Mixed2 Mixed3*
3 Bad5 Bad4 Mixed3 Mixed4**
* Mixed4 in Deadfire. ** Mixed5 in Deadfire.

Note that in Pillars of Eternity, this table is evenly distributed on both sides, making a configuration of 2/3 and 3/2 produce the same result - Mixed3. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire instead adds a 5th "Mixed" rank, and unevenly distributes the mixed ranks so that every combination produces a unique rank. In Deadfire, only a +2/-3 reputation will produce mixed rank 3, while +3/-2 will produce mixed rank 4, and +3/-3 will produce 5 (instead of 4 in poe1).

Factions[ | ]

The following factions have their reputations tracked over the course of the game. Keep in mind that factions have different thresholds for ranks. For example, to go up in rank for Defiance Bay, you may need to complete quite a few quests, but for a smaller faction like House Doemenel, a single quest could be sufficient to increase your rank. This value is called the faction scale, and is shown in the brackets next to the faction.

In Pillars of Eternity[ | ]

In Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[ | ]

Factions marked with a '*' are major factions.