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In response to patch v1. to Pillars of Eternity (June 6, 2024), the random loot tables shown on the wiki have been updated. These changes may take time to propegate.

As a result, random loot data is no longer accurate to old versions of the game, including all console ports. We'll be working to provide a mechanism to switch between pre-patch and post-patch loot for console players.


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Camp site

Campsite example from an early screenshot


Celestial Sapling Inn, in Twin Elms

Resting will restore characters to full Health and Endurance, remove Maimed, and other long-term afflictions (including injuries and fatigue), remove until-rest bonuses, and restore all per-rest abilities, spells, talents and item charges[1] and is the only way to do so.

The party can only rest at safe locations, and not during combat. You can choose to rest outdoors or at inns, which are found in certain urban locations or at Brighthollow, your stronghold manor, both of which offer long-term bonuses. Resting always takes 8 hours.

Similar to resting, in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire you may also choose to Wait, which is a way to advance time without resting. Waiting may be necessary to progress certain quests with time, to access locations only open at certain times of the day, or to talk to characters who aren't available day and night. Unlike resting, you may wait anywhere. Waiting is not available in Pillars of Eternity, though you may instead pass the time by moving between locations.

Resting outdoors[ | ]

To rest outdoors, all you need to do is press the "Camp" button in the toolbar. The game checks to make sure it's okay to camp in that location at that time and will give you the option to access your Stash or go directly into rest.[2] Generally the party may only camp in unpopulared wilderness locations. While resting in the wilderness the party is safe from the surroundings, since there are no random encounters[1], but creatures may re-spawn in certain areas if you do so, however, this won't always be the case.[3]

In Pillars of Eternity[ | ]

Camping supplies icon

During your adventures you can choose to rest in outside by using your Camping Supplies to build your own campsite. Each time the party rests in the middle of nowhere, they consume 1 unit of Camping Supplies. The party is limited to carry a maximum amount of Camping Supplies based on the current difficulty setting (currently ranging from 6 to 2). The supplies are a single item type and can be purchased from vendors (also rarely can be found in the world). The supplies represent a party count, like wealth, and are represented by a number in the inventory and on the rest button in the main GUI.[2]

Difficulty Easy Normal Hard PotD Story Time
Limit 6 4 2 2 99

You can unlock the ability to choose a Camping Bonus when resting in the wild, granting the character your choice of one of six possible bonuses based on their Survival level. This bonus lasts until the next rest.

In Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[ | ]

PE2 Resting

The resting interface in Deadfire

Press the "Rest or Wait" button in the toolbar to display the resting interface. Resting outdoors requires the use of any food or drink item. Party members can be given food individually by assigning an item to them in the resting interface. At least one character must be assigned a food or drink item to rest, and regardless of how many and which characters have food assigned, all characters will undergo a "rest" (but only those with food assigned will have injuries removed). Resting is the only way to "consume" food items, and grant whatever bonuses they give. To rest without granting a bonus, Hardtack or Water may be used.

In addition to outdoor areas, the party can rest while sailing on the world map, and also while on The Defiant's Abovedeck or Belowdecks.

Inns[ | ]

Resting at inns (including your stronghold once you acquire it) can grant additional bonuses. Based on the room you select at the inn, you will gain temporary bonuses that generally correlate to the expense of the room. I.e., more expensive rooms grant larger or more bonuses.

Spending the night with a courtesan (from The Salty Mast or The Wild Mare) does not count as a rest, it is instantaneous and consumes no time.

In Pillars of Eternity[ | ]

  • These bonuses last for a specific number of non-bonus rests (camping, inn rest in a room without a bonus).
  • Only a single resting bonus can be active at a time, so you can't just chain-sleep for a collection of bonuses.
  • If you dismiss a party member, however briefly, their resting bonus disappears.

If you sleep at your stronghold (by interacting with the bed in the master bedroom of Brighthollow), you select from the bonuses you've unlocked from your upgrades. These tend to be less varied than those found at inns and you have to pay for the upgrades upfront, but after that it's effectively a free bonus of one specific type that lasts for a number of rests.[2] Other inns can give resting bonuses that you can't get with resting at your stronghold.[4]

Location Inn Room Effect(s) Lasts for Cost Notes
Caed Nua Brighthollow Training Grounds Training Grounds 3 rests Copper pands (cp)0 Requires Training Grounds upgrade
Library Library 3 rests Copper pands (cp)0 Requires Library upgrade
Forum Forum 3 rests Copper pands (cp)0 Requires Forum upgrade
Hedge Maze Hedge Maze 3 rests Copper pands (cp)0 Requires Hedge Maze upgrade
Craft Hall Craft Hall 3 rests Copper pands (cp)0 Requires Craft Hall upgrade
Tower Tower 3 rests Copper pands (cp)0 Requires Tower upgrade
Woodland Trails Woodland Trails 3 rests Copper pands (cp)0 Requires Woodland Trails upgrade
Warden's Lodge Warden's Lodge 3 rests Copper pands (cp)0 Requires Warden's Lodge upgrade
Artificer's Hall Artificer's Hall 3 rests Copper pands (cp)0 Requires Artificer's hall upgrade
Chapel Chapel 3 rests Copper pands (cp)0 Requires Chapel upgrade
Gilded Vale The Black Hound,
The Common Room The Common Room - - Copper pands (cp)0
Dyrwood's Pride Dyrwood's Pride 2 rests Copper pands (cp)150 Copper pands (cp)113 if Late for Dinner has been completed
Laborers Rest Laborers Rest 2 rests Copper pands (cp)110 Copper pands (cp)83 if Late for Dinner has been completed
Defiance Bay - Copperlane Goose and Fox,
The Common Room The Common Room - - Copper pands (cp)25
Merchant's Stay Merchant's Stay 2 rests Copper pands (cp)120
Fletcher's Stay Fletcher's Stay 2 rests Copper pands (cp)140
Suite of Worldly Wonders Suite of Worldly Wonders 2 rests Copper pands (cp)150
Vixen's Burrow Vixen's Burrow 2 rests Copper pands (cp)160
Defiance Bay - Brackenbury The Charred Barrel,
Ableheart Skerrion
Criminal's Getaway Criminal's Getaway 2 rests Copper pands (cp)150
Noble's Stay Noble's Stay 2 rests Copper pands (cp)170
Defiance Bay - Ondra's Gift The Salty Mast,
Maea or Llines "Two-Lips"
The Common Room The Common Room - - Copper pands (cp)25 Free if Supply and Demand has been completed
Shiny Pearl Shiny Pearl 2 rests Copper pands (cp)140 Free if Supply and Demand has been completed
Broad Beam Broad Beam 2 rests Copper pands (cp)180 cp
Dyrford Village Dracogen Inn,
Stables Stables - - Copper pands (cp)30
Wurm's Nest Wurm's Nest 2 rests Copper pands (cp)120
Drake's Den Drake's Den 2 rests Copper pands (cp)150
Dragon's Lair Dragon's Lair 1 rest Copper pands (cp)200
Twin Elms - Hearthsong The Celestial Sapling,
Ellitherion 'Haggard Shoes'
Celestial Suite Celestial Suite 1 rest Copper pands (cp)200
Wanderer's Reprieve Wanderer's Reprieve 2 rests Copper pands (cp)140
Stalwart Village The Gréf's Rest,
Haeferic [WM1]
Copper Minnow Copper Minnow 1 rest Copper pands (cp)50 Might bonus only included if The Ogre Matron is completed with Matron Beregan dead
Silver Catfish Silver Catfish 1 rest Copper pands (cp)100 Constitution bonus only included if The Ogre Matron is completed with Matron Beregan dead
Golden Whale Golden Whale 1 rest Copper pands (cp)150 Resolve bonus only included if The Ogre Matron is completed with Matron Beregan dead

In Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[ | ]

  • All inn bonuses last until the character's next rest of any type, and they are not removed if they leave the party.
  • This means that inherantly only one inn-resting bonus may be active at once.
  • Engaging in the services of Aenalys, Rabyuna, Konstanten, or Ymir in The Wild Mare does not count as resting.
Location Inn Room Effect(s) Cost Notes
Port Maje - Port Maje Harbor The Kraken's Eye,
Portmaje room 02 Bloody Mess Copper pires (cp)50 Depending on the outcome of The Better Man
Portmaje room 01 Skipper's Stay Copper pires (cp)50
Neketaka - Queen's Berth The Wild Mare,
Room mare 01 Backstage Storage Room - Copper pires (cp)0
Room mare 02 Private Dance
  • +1 casts with level 1 spells
  • +1 All Skills
Copper pires (cp)200
Room mare 03 Konstanten's Massage
  • +3 Dexterity
  • 30% Chance to reflect against spells
Copper pires (cp)800 Only if Konstanten is currently recruited.
Neketaka - Periki's Overlook Luminous Bathhouse,
Room bathhouse 01 Moistened Cove Copper pires (cp)200
Room bathhouse 02 The Bathyal Drop
  • +2 Health per 6.0 sec
  • +1 Max Power Pool
Copper pires (cp)400
Room bathhouse 03 The Abyss
  • +25% Beneficial Effect duration
  • +10% Area of Effect
Copper pires (cp)800
Neketaka - The Gullet The Hole,
Room slums 01 Stowaway Stay - Copper pires (cp)0
Room slums 02 Forger's Fancy Copper pires (cp)100
Dunnage The King's Coffin,
Jacob Harker
Room wealth01 The Bilge Pump - Copper pires (cp)0
Room wealth02 Sailor's Berth
  • +10% Max Health
  • +1 Engagement limit
Copper pires (cp)200
Room wealth03 Officer's Quarters Copper pires (cp)400
Room wealth04 Captain's Cabin Copper pires (cp)800
Tikawara Tikawara,
Room huana 01 Roparu's Mat - Copper pires (cp)0
Room huana 02 Gentle Breeze
  • +2 Resolve
  • -25% Hostile effect duration
Copper pires (cp)400
Room huana 03 Ocean's Song Copper pires (cp)800
The Dead Floe - Harbingers' Watch Tip of the Iceberg,
Harbinger Valbrendhür
Slums room 01 Fur Pile - Copper pires (cp)0
Slums room 02 Fireside Bed Copper pires (cp)200
Kazuwari - Temple of Toamowhai Arena Barracks,
Room the hammocks The Hammocks - Copper pires (cp)10
Room seeker The Archives
(Seeker's Study)
Copper pires (cp)200
Room slayer The Gymnasium
(Slayer's Lounge)
  • +2 Might
  • +1 Engagement Limit
Copper pires (cp)200
Room survivor The Larder
(Survivor's Den)
Copper pires (cp)200
The Black Isles - Temple of Revelation The Sleeping Kith,
Drowsy Puke [FS]
Room sleeping kith light snooze Light Snooze
  • +10% Max Health
Copper pires (cp)100
Room sleeping kith deep slumber Deep Slumber
  • +10 Will
  • 5% resistance against Spells
Copper pires (cp)250
Room sleeping kith Entrancing Daze Entrancing Daze Copper pires (cp)500 Only if the collections have been unlocked, and you have returned Recipe - Entrancing Daze to Drowsy Puke
Room sleeping kith Invigorating Nightmares Invigorating Nightmares Copper pires (cp)500 Only if the archives have been unlocked, and you have returned Recipe - Invigorating Nightmares to Drowsy Puke

Other[ | ]

Some characters will allow you to rest by talking to them, typically after completing a quest. These rests give no bonuses, acting as if you rested using Camping Supplies.

In Pillars of Eternity

Forced rests[ | ]

There are several instances where the game forces the party to rest. This may be an issue for players who want to keep accumulated bonuses and "until rest" buffs, as they will be unknowingly cleared. In Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, the No Forced Rests mod can be used to remove these rests entirely.

In Pillars of Eternity
In Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
  • Prologue: When waking up on The Defiant, the time is set to hour 24, then upon leaving the time is set to hour 2.
  • Vilario's Rest: Upon waking up on the beach, after the Prologue.
  • Fort Deadlight: On your first visit, if you approach during daytime and choose to wait until nightfall to enter the fort undetected.
  • Periki's Overlook - Luminous Bathhouse: During Dirty Laundry, once when you change into the bathhouse attire and once when you change back.
  • Periki's Overlook - The Dark Cupboard: Talking to Ifren during The Archmage's Vault, if you pay him Copper pires (cp)500 for information.
  • Periki's Overlook - Marihi's Metalwork: Upon paying Marihi to repair the Fragments of Blade of the Endless Paths or Fragments of Whispers of Yenwood (6 hours).
  • Tangaloa's Maw: In the scripted interaction, four hours will pass while you're trudging through the swamp.
  • Te Hīka Fishing Pools: If you choose to take up spears and hunt the Resplendent Phantom whale (18 hours).
  • If you decide to rest/pray at the shrines of Kābara Reku Shrine, Kasara Peninsula, etc (8 hours).
  • Ukaizo: At the end of the scripted interaction that occurs while navigating the storms, as you take a skiff into the ancient city.
  • Ondra's Spire, Ukaizo: In the god conversation at the top of the spire during The City Lost to Time, before you confront Eothas.
  • [SSS] Kōhatekana Expanse: In the scripted interaction, if you opt to take a center path route that decends into a dark cave.
  • [SSS] Tiebe o Waiapu: Three times during the course of the interaction, depending on the outcome of various conditions.
  • The Forgotten Sanctum The Central Stacks: When attempting to pick the vault door (1 hour).
  • When sailing on the world map:
    • When searching any normal shipwrecks for loot (2 hours).
    • When searching the "Derelict Ship", a plague-struck ship of the Kind Wayfarers (8 hours).
    • When searching the "Derelict Vailian Ship" (4 hours if Deckhand > 4, otherwise 8 hours)
    • During the "Immodest Proposal" ship event, if you choose to sleep with the crew member (8 hours).
    • During the "Injured Drunk" ship event, if you let the rest of the crew have extra grog too (27 hours).
    • During the "Omen Cloud" ship event, if you invoke Ondra's protection in a ceremony (5 hours).
    • During the "Sick" ship event, if you decide to rest out the sickness (27/54/69 hours), or drop the anchor and ration medical supplies (13 hours), or get a companion to brew a remedy (27 hours).
    • During the "Fog at Deep Sea" and "Fog in Shallows" ship event, any way you decide to navigate the fog (26 hours).

Behind the scenes[ | ]