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Campsite example from an early screenshot

Celestial Sapling Inn, in Twin Elms

Resting will restore characters to full Health, remove Maimed and other long-term afflictions, and restore all per-rest abilities, spells, talents and item charges[1] and is the only way to do so.

You can unlock the ability to choose a Survival camping bonus when resting in the wild. For information on Racial Accuracy Bonus options refer to: Creature

The Player and his party can only rest at safe locations. During your adventures you can rest outside with camping supplies, which are limited based on the difficulty you choose; or you can rest in inns, which are found in certain urban locations and your stronghold house both of which offer long-term bonuses.

To rest, all you need to do is press the rest button. The game checks to make sure it's okay to camp in that location at that time and will give you the option to access your Stash or go directly into rest.[2] Resting always takes 8 hours; this is different to spending the night with a courtesan from The Salty Mast which is instantaneous and consumes no time. While resting in the wilderness the party is safe from the surroundings, since there are no random encounters[1], but creatures may re-spawn in certain areas if you do so, however, this won't always be the case.[3]

Resting locations[]


You can build your own camp sites using your Camp Supplies. Each time the party rests in the middle of nowhere, they consume 1 unit of Camping Supplies. Based on your difficulty settings, the party can carry a maximum number of Camp Supplies (currently ranging from 6 to 2). The supplies are a single item type and can be purchased from vendors (also rarely can be found in the world). The supplies represent a party count, like wealth, and are represented by a number in the inventory and on the rest button in the main GUI.[2]


Resting at inns (including your stronghold once you acquire it) can grant additional bonuses. Based on the room you select at the inn, you will gain temporary bonuses that generally correlate to the expense of the room. I.e., more expensive rooms grant larger or more bonuses.

  • These bonuses last for a specific number of non-bonus rests (camping, inn rest in a room without a bonus).
  • Only a single resting bonus can be active at a time, so you can't just chain-sleep for a collection of bonuses.
  • If you dismiss a party member, however briefly, their resting bonus disappears.

If you sleep at your stronghold, you select from the bonuses you've unlocked from your upgrades. These tend to be less varied than those found at inns and you have to pay for the upgrades upfront, but after that it's effectively a free bonus of one specific type that lasts for a number of rests.[2] Other inns can give resting bonuses that you can't get with resting at your stronghold.[4]

Resting Bonuses
Location Inn Room Resting bonus Lasts for Cost Notes
Caed Nua Brighthollow Training Grounds 3 rests 0 cp requires Training Grounds upgrade
Library 3 rests 0 cp requires Library upgrade
Forum 3 rests 0 cp requires Forum upgrade
Hedge Maze 3 rests 0 cp requires Hedge Maze upgrade
Craft Hall 3 rests 0 cp requires Craft Hall upgrade
Tower 3 rests 0 cp requires Tower upgrade
Woodland Trails 3 rests 0 cp requires Woodland Trails upgrade
Warden's Lodge 3 rests 0 cp requires Warden's Lodge upgrade
Artificer's Hall 3 rests 0 cp requires Artificer's hall upgrade
Chapel 3 rests 0 cp requires Chapel upgrade
Gilded Vale The Black Hound The Common Room - - 0 cp
Dyrwood's Pride 2 rests 150 cp 113 cp if Late for Dinner has been completed
Laborers Rest 2 rests 110 cp 83 cp if Late for Dinner has been completed
Defiance Bay - Copperlane Goose and Fox The Common Room - - 25 cp
Merchant's Stay 2 rests 120 cp
Fletcher's Stay 2 rests 140 cp
Suite of Worldly Wonders 2 rests 150 cp
Vixen's Burrow 2 rests 160 cp
Defiance Bay - Brackenbury The Charred Barrel Criminal's Getaway 2 rests 150 cp
Noble's Stay 2 rests 170 cp
Defiance Bay - Ondra's Gift Salty Mast The Common Room - - 25 cp free if Supply and Demand has been completed
Shiny Pearl 2 rests 140 cp free if Supply and Demand has been completed
Broad Beam 2 rests 180 cp
Dyrford Village Dracogen Inn Stables - - 30 cp
Wurm's Nest 2 rests 120 cp
Drake's Den 2 rests 150 cp
Dragon's Lair 1 rest 200 cp
Twin Elms - Hearthsong The Celestial Sapling Celestial Suite 1 rest 200 cp
Wanderer's Reprieve 2 rests 140 cp
Stalwart Village The Gréf's Rest [WM1] Copper Minnow 1 rest 50 cp MIG bonus only included if The Ogre Matron is completed with Matron Beregan dead
Silver Catfish 1 rest 100 cp CON bonus only included if The Ogre Matron is completed with Matron Beregan dead
Golden Whale 1 rest 150 cp RES bonus only included if The Ogre Matron is completed with Matron Beregan dead