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Reymont Manor is a building in Brackenbury.


This elegant mansion belongs to an old noble family by the name of Reymont. Filled with expensive goods and trinkets, it is the nexus of Reymont trade operations and the seat of power for the richest man in Brackenbury, bar none.

Points of interest[]

  • In order to access Reymont Manor without attracting undue attention, you can interact with the external window and use a grappling hook or high Athletics to open the window on the second story. Later it's a matter of stealthing your way through the upper floors. A character such as Sagani is a good choice, especially if you have Boots of Stealth from Caed Nua.
  • The lower floor holds Lor Reymont himself and his daughter, the neglected Linete. The upper floor is off-limits, due to the presence of the Heart of White March, subject of A Two Story Job.
  • The upper floor is a bit more involved. If you enter via the window, pick your best sneaker and send them forward. The corridor has a secret door leading to a storage room (a level 2 crate and a trapped crate with the Heart of White March and Copper pands (cp)250; you can trigger the crate without entering combat by ensuring enemies are out of view range). The rest of the floor is tricky, as it involves evading three armed guards - and killing them is frowned upon by everyone interested in pilfering the manor. There's no point in doing so either, as there's no unique loot out there.
  • If you try to enter the upper floor via normal means (using the stairs), a servant will attempt to send you back down. However, if you are inclined towards thuggery, you can simply backhand the servant. This understandably alerts the guards, however.



Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Reymont Manor, see here.
Lower floor:
Table (center):
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 4):
Table (kitchen):
Table (west):
Upper floor:
Chest (southeast):
Chest (west):
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 4 - bedroom):
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 2 - secret room):
Chest (Trapped - Difficulty 8 / Hidden - Difficulty 5):