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Root and Branch is a quest in The Forgotten Sanctum.


Scattered across Wael's temple are copies of the Annals of Llengrath, penned by the various incarnations of the archmage. To learn the complete story of the mage and his philosophy, the Watcher has to collect all five.


  • This is a collection quest tied to the great archmage. The Annals of Llengrath, Volume I of V is collected from the first felled infested librarian and each book collected will allow you to commune with the spirit of that respective Llengrath. The other copies are located:
    • II: Quarantined Section, northeastern chamber with the infested librarians and dank spores.
    • III: Quarantined Section, southwestern chamber.
    • IV: Quarantined Section, northwestern chamber, opposite the one with the giant luminescent spore.
    • V: Quarantined Section, behind the giant spore that loves you a little too much.
  • Deliver the whole package over to Llengrath back in the Temple of Revelation. You can give them to Tayn, who will turn the unmodified memories of the original Llengrath into something he considers a bit more dramatic and interesting, to give Llen some food for thought. Even if you give them to him, you can demand the unmodified version back.
    • Note: The dialog to hand the tomes to Tayn may become unavailable if done after completing The Inner Mysteries. To hand him over the books, first show the books to Llengrath, then use the option "Tayn would love to see these books". The option to give Tayn the books should become available in his dialog.
  • Completing the quest will increment favor with one of the mages, depending on completion. This counts towards The Seeds of Deception quest.


ID Objectives
0 Root and Branch
10000 While exploring the Archives, I found an unsual book called 'The Annals of Llengrath.'

The book's title suggests there are five volumes in total. As I investigate the Archives further, I should keep an eye out for any others.

1 Find more volumes of the Annals of Llengrath in the Archives.
10001 A voice spoke to me when I picked up the first volume - it sounded like it might have been the first person to hold the name 'Llengrath.'

I should find the four additional volumes hidden in the Archives if I want to hear the whole story.

20000 I found the second volume of the Annals of Llengrath. The voice I heard when I picked up the first book spoke to me again.
20001 I found the third volume of the Annals of Llengrath.
20002 I found the fourth volume of the Annals of Llengrath.
20003 I showed the book to Llengrath. She was skeptical of its authenticity, but intrigued. If I find the rest of the books, she'd be interested in seeing them.
20004 I showed the book to Llengrath, but wouldn't let her inspect it. If I find the rest of the books, she would still be interested in seeing them.
3 Bring Llengrath the Collected Annals.
10003 The final book was in the possession of a sentient colony of spores that's convinced itself it's Llengrath. I dealt with the spore colony and got the last book - now I just need to bring the Collected Annals to Llengrath.
4 (Optional) Speak with Tayn about the Annals of Llengrath.
10004 Tayn might have some interesting insights into the nature of the Annals of Llengrath.
5 (Optional) Return the Annals of Llengrath to Tayn.
10005 Tayn warned me not to trust Llengrath. I don't know what she plans to do with these books, but it might not be good. If I brought them all to Tayn, he might have some fun ideas.
6 Take the Collected Annals Tayn tampered with to Llengrath.
10006 Tayn implanted false memories in the Collected Annals of Llengrath. If I bring the book to Llengrath, her understanding of her past - and her origin - will be forever altered.
Unused strings
- 40001 While exploring the Archives, I found all five volumes of the Annals of Llengrath and brought them to her for inspection.
End states
Yes 30000 I found and returned the Collected Annals of Llengrath to Llengrath. She is no longer severed from the memories of her predecessor.
Yes 30001 Tayn performed an arcane ritual on the the Collected Annals of Llengrath that should effect Llengrath's ability to accurately recall her predecessors' memories. I then returned the tome to Llengrath.
Yes 30002 I decided to keep the Collected Annals of Llengrath for myself. Llengrath wasn't pleased. I doubt she'll work with me anymore.
No 30003 I killed Llengrath.