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Rumbald is a pig farmer in Pillars of Eternity.

He can be found standing outside of his house in Dyrford Village.


A man paces angrily in front of a wrecked animal pen, his sun-weathered face twisted with ire. He's so wrapped up in his fury that he doesn't seem to notice you. Rumbald is a hot-headed farmer making a living through livestock... Or rather, he used to, until an ogre decided that it likes itself some pork and made off with his mature pigs off in the night, afer wrecking the pen.


Icon parchment.png This character starts quests.

A Farmer's Plight


  • A Farmer's Plight: If you talk to him, he'll tell you about an ogre stealing his pigs, and ask you to take care if it - starting the side-quest.
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