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Rundl's Finery is a unique robe in Pillars of Eternity.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Though wealthy and well-educated, one Vailian noble found himself all but shunned by his peers. He lacked an eye for fashionable dress, and had no particular talent for debate, finding that he could not articulate any portion of his admittedly vast pool of knowledge. While his colleagues held grand debates on the intricacies of animancy, or the state of the Vailian Republics, he stood apart.

At last, desperate, the noble turned to a local wizard, and requested a set of clothing which might elevate him above the crowd and give him opportunity to prove his wits. The result was a marvel, perfectly fitted and accentuating his features in such a way that he was immediately the center of attention.

The nobleman soon found, however, that his plan worked too well - for it was the wizard Rundl whose name became associated with the fine clothing, and who found his work much in demand in the coming seasons.