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Russetwood is a wilderness area west of Stalwart Village, added in The White March - Part I expansion of Pillars of Eternity.


A vast stretch of wilderness in the White March and home to the Flames-That-Whisper crag ogre clan.

Points of interest[]

  • You enter the area from the eastern side. Just to the south is a wounded winter wolf, which you can choose to kill, heal, or ignore it (see The Hunter's Favor for more details). After the interaction you receive a Silver Arrow in return for the effort, used to create the soulbound hunting bow, Stormcaller.
  • To the southeast is the Russetwood crater, with a feral druid and several winter wolves near its western edge. Just beyond a small rocky outcropping is a hunter's camp, where, after sparing the druid wolf in the cave to the north, you can find the hunter's totem needed to bring back Thyrsc's son.
  • Defala and her group of slave trackers can be found in a clearing in the center of the area. Just north of her is the ice patch where Qexetl dumps the Giftbearer trinkets (see Regrets Worth Trading for details).
  • To the southwest lies an abandoned camp with a soul and a hidden rock containing the tattered map. Interact with the soul to meet archmage Ninagauth.
  • Near the western edge of the map is Felisa, with her band of undead cannibals. Just north of that area is the entrance to the encampment of the crag ogres: Flames-That-Whisper caverns. The overlook has a half-buried crate with supplies. If The Ogre Matron is completed without killing the ogres, Morug will setup shop outside the cavern afterwards.
  • Greyjaw is an unique bear boss in the clearing just next to the entrance to the caves. The bodies have a journal page on them and the Coil of Resourcefulness.
  • Next to it is a clearing with the wolf cave. The cave itself is small and contains Suldrun spiritshifted into a wolf (see The Hunter's Favor for details). The far side has the unique wand Curoc's Brand on a corpse frozen to the wall.
  • In the northeastern corner are several encounters. Northeast of the lake, Vamrel leads a group of pale elf slavers struggling with an ogre slave. She drops the unique sabre Bittercut. Further north, there is a body buried in a landslide (pilfer it for a pair of Boots of Speed). A shrine to Galawain in the extreme north-eastern corner is guarded by an Ice Troll.
  • If you have the bounty, Laenric will spawn northeast of the lake.


Related quests[]

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Notable loot[]


Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Russetwood, see here.
Crate (Hidden, Difficulty 4 - Southwestern corner):
Crevice (Hidden, Difficulty 5 - Western side of Russetwood pond):
Corpse (near Greyjaw, left):
Corpse (near Greyjaw, right):