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Rymrgand (REE-mear-gahnd), also known as the Beast of Winter, is the god of all manifestation of erosion and collapse, e.g. death, famine, plague, or simple bad luck. In particular instances, his dominion and will have been linked to the idea of entropy, that is the inevitable unravelling of all things organized towards some universally sterile, still and "cold" state of equilibrium.

The name Rymrgand likely comes from old norse/Icelandic as a compound word. It is either made from the root word Rýmr/Rými [2][3] ("Void"), ("Space") but also can mean ("Rhyming") or from the word Hrím [4] meaning ("Rime") or ("Hoarfrost"). Gandr [5] meaning ("Riding animal") or ("Dangerous beast") in this context.


Depictions of Rymrgand, or a similar god, has been found in the oldest Engwithan ruins, predating all current civilization. This makes him one of the oldest, more primal deities. He shares a complicated relationship with another such deity, Berath, both being masters of death. Rymrgand overseeing the cold, destructive act of death itself, Berath determining who will be reborn just as certainly as who will die. Rymrgand is the executioner's axe - Rymrgand shows kith that all life ends in stillness.

"The Beast of Winter" manifests as a massive aurochs, its albino fur encrusted with ice and snow. Stories tell that the creature is thirty feet tall, sometimes even taller, but despite its massive size it appears cadaverous as it hasn't eaten in weeks. There are innumerable stories of the god's terrifying passage through the lands of Eora. When the Beast of Winter stirs, bitter winds and beastly howling follow the creature's every move. Wherever the beast plants a hoof, all life withers into dust, even the gods flee from its way.

Though the Beast of Winter is shrouded in snowy clouds, those who have seen the shaggy white monster claim that the souls of the fallen can be seen clinging (or perhaps frozen) to the beast's fur. The boreal dwarves have stories of heroes trying to save the souls from their fate, though as a rule ending in failure.


Worshipers of Rymrgand consider resurrection a punishment, rather than a blessing.[6]


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