Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity
Race Mountain dwarf
Gender Female
Class Wizard
Level 14
Attributes Mig: 18 Con: 15 Dex: 10
Per: 14 Int: 16 Res: 13
Location Crägholdt
Quests Siege of Crägholdt
Drops Sabel's Note,
Sabel's Grimoire,
Ring of Deflection,
Ring of Protection,
Exceptional Sabre,
Exceptional Breastplate
Internal Name

Sabel is a wizard apprentice in The White March - Part I.

She can be found in Crägholdt, in the room to the right at the end of the corridor.


The dwarf whirls to face you. Her face and throat are twisted with fresh scar tissue. She is currently one of Concelhaut's apprentices.

Her research focus is the creation of durable skeleton wizards called Steelspine Magi.
Concelhaut praises her for being the only apprentice who understands that the true enemy of a wizard is their own mortality.


Icon dialogue.png This character is involved in quests.

Siege of Crägholdt


Siege of Crägholdt: When you enter her room, she commands you to leave. If you don't, she attacks.

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