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Sayuka is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Background[ | ]

Sayuka, known to the Huana people as Ribiri, is a colonial outpost of the Royal Deadfire Company and a center of engineering research and development in the archipelago. It operates under the authority of Fleet Master Okaya, the youngest Rauataian in history to hold the title, a valedictorian of the naval academy in Takowa, and a brilliant engineer altogether. Sayuka is of particular interest to the company and the empire, as for some reason, everything - coral, fauna, flora - grows large on Sayuka for reasons unknown - and serves as a research outpost trying to crack the mystery of Ondra's Mortar.

As a colonial port town, Sayuka is governed by a military governor, in charge of 1,270 denizens (71% coastal aumaua, 27% island aumaua, and 2% other races). The town's major exports are lumber, fish, rice, and medicinal herbs, while it imports wheat, leather, silk, copper, zinc, and cotton textiles. The major religions are Ondra, Magran, Hylea, and Abydon. Sayuka is bound to become a major Rauatai outpost, if it can clear the coral growth affecting its use as a harbor and deal with the druid partisans that have occupied the nearby Bentbranch Bog and keep raiding the colony.

Some residents of Sayuka say that at one point the town was used as a sort of mental asylum for RDC soldiers who have experienced post-traumatic stress at war.

Points of interest[ | ]

  • This is a fairly small colonial outpost. At the docks you have Tebe and Marofeto Liano, together with entrance to the workshop. You can find Remaro to the northeast, near the upper cannon post, with the local merchants by the exit gate.
  • The longhouse houses the local Huana who were supplied with Rauatai housing and gives you an opportunity to learn about the tensions between the aumaua here.
  • Finally, the workshop is to the northeast. After leaving the building for the first time, Sayuka will come under attack by wild beasts, starting Hunting Season.
  • Two fisherman on the pier on the left of the area discuss Koīki Fruit seeds, brought to the island by none other than Ponamu Bird-Scorned. The one fisherman planted his share inland, but the other could not get his to weather the winds, and so the first fisherman offers to share his crop with the other.

Characters[ | ]

During A Sorcerer and a Gentleman
  • Remaro, just up the stairs from the docks to the north.

Loot[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]

Coral after disabling the machine in Overgrowth